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SEO Trends for 2021: Mobile Marketing,
Voice Search & UX

SEO trends

When it comes to business survival, adaptation is the name of the game. With the pandemic creating a fiercer market environment, one of the ways to rise to the top is maximizing your online reach. Through search engine optimization, you’ll be able to cast a larger net of demographics and invite more people. However, having so many advancements in the field can be quite confusing. For a quick rundown of the current 2021 SEO trends, read on.

Mobile Marketing Trends

Surfing the internet over mobile devices is secondary in the 21st century. Portable and user-friendly, phones are currently dominating the social communications landscape. Using this situation to your advantage proves the need for keeping up with SEO trends.

Effective website planning requires a trained eye and specialized skills. However, it's important to remember that these simple site remodelling upgrades can boost you up in the search engine ranking ladder. Here are some of its current trends:

  1. High-Quality Content and Avoid Image Blocking

Just like any product, your mobile marketing should also reflect premium content to catch the attention of customers. From using buzz words, stylish branding, and interactive websites, there are plenty of things that can be done to entice consumers. Nowadays, customers are more likely to buy a product or avail of service if they feel a strong connection to it.

Effective communication between the business and its customers should be prioritized with chatbots and A.I. helplines. To spruce up your website further, use images, CSS, and JavaScript. Since some mobile gadgets are now able to support these types of code, you don’t have to restrict them anymore. Plus, it also helps in improving the overall modernized look of the site.

  1. Invest in Page Speed

In the digital era, the world is just a click away. In this fast-paced lifestyle, your website should deliver instant results. To do that, you have to invest in page speed. Compared to desktop devices, mobile phones can have more connectivity and hardware issues.

So, to make sure that your site is on par with the client’s desired result speed, you have to maximize your codes, reduce the number of redirects, leverage your browser caching, and do some image optimization. An ideal loading time for a mobile page is a maximum of 3 seconds. More than that and you will have your customers leaving the site.

  1. Consider your Users

Visual design is a key component in mobile marketing. There is no specific colour or aesthetic trend right now because that is solely based on how you brand your product and website. However, there are certain aspects of the website that you should consider for the comfort of your guests.

You should avoid the use of Flash as much as possible and HTML5 instead for special effects. Since its settings may not be in many phone plug-ins, those effects may be removed. You also have to utilize icons that are suitable for all finger sizes. The goal here is to make your site as inclusive as possible.

Voice Search Trends

SEO trends

Voice search optimization is a marketing method used to make your website more accessible to verbal searches. With just a simple word of the customer, your website should be on top of the list. But, how do you do that? Well, here are some ways:

  1. Conversational Design

Your website should be suited for human interaction. Put yourself in the position of your prospective client and imagine how they would ask someone about your product. It's quite different when you’re typing in a question than actually talking to Siri or Alexa.

A quick example of this is that people might type “massages near me”, but with voice searches, they might say “Where are the nearest massage spas?” You have to improve your website’s search strategy because human language is not set on stone. Input certain keywords that can make it easier to recognize and detect when verbal cues are incorporated.

  1. Know the locality

Certain words, expressions, products, and terms are used in different parts of the world. And that plays a crucial role in voice search optimization. If your target is the people in your local area, create a website experience that is more suited for them. Use words and terms that are more familiar and integrate queries similar to how a local would phrase them. An example of this is crisps instead of chips and pop instead of soda in certain areas.

  1. Be concise and direct

Featured snippets are the number one go-to for voice searches. The main goal of these digital assistants is to give the customer the most precise facts in the shortest phrase. So, when you are writing site content, include in short snippets the facts that will answer a question in one sentence. You can do this effectively by imagining yourself answering someone in a conversation. 

UX Trends

UX, short for user experience, prioritizes the term “peopleware”. Its main aim is to make the user's experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. How do you create that moment, well here are some ways:

  1. Listen to the People

With the pandemic forcing people inside their homes, the use of digital tools has skyrocketed a hundredfold. From food deliveries to Zoom meetings, everything can be virtually accessed. Now, to keep your customers engaged, you have to know what they want.

This entails a full behaviour research analysis, which includes an investigation of who your target market is and what is their priority now. These factors should help you determine what you should focus and invest on. Those looking for Etobicoke Dog Daycare, for example, may be drawn to an organization that advertises their extensive list of offers or their private walking services. So if you run a dog daycare company, you need to capitalize on these aspects to attract more clients.

  1. Voice Interface

Spending too much time in front of the screen can take a toll on the person’s eyes and health. Screen fatigue is a real thing and it has been much experienced during the pandemic. 

To prevent that, customers have opted for voice searches and queries. Voice chatbots designed by Google, Apple, and Android have made these features more accessible and easier to use. So, instead of being stuck in the past, make your site as voice search-friendly as possible.

  1. Unlock the Passwords

Remembering a combination of numbers and letters can be frustrating. Forgetting it is far more problematic. With so many apps and sites requiring passwords during log-in, people might have a harder time accessing them. In 2021, several sites have transitioned to fingerprint and facial recognition to ease the stress. This way, customers won’t have to remember anything, and their account is still safe.

It can be difficult at first but with the help of a search engine optimization consultant in Toronto, you too can upgrade your site structure, design, speed, and aesthetic in a snap. Currently, Google is the leading horse in the industry and there are some things that they prefer and approve of. You don’t have to follow all of them, because it’s still nice to establish your individuality. Just flow with the trends or adapt to the change, and for sure you won’t be left behind.

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