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SEO Enables Your Website to Perform

There's no use in setting a website to handle your brand's marketing activities unless you partner with an SEO provider.

SEO Enables Your Website to Perform

You may have noticed that when you set up your brand’s new website with a trusted site developer, that it ranked well for a while, but the rankings began a slow descent that ended up with your site ranked way below your closest competitors and off the front page of the search results. 

This is because your site developer was not an SEO provider. They may have had graphic design experience and some coding knowledge and used those skills to build websites that looked attractive and seemed to work decently. But an attractive website doesn't do you much good if it's constantly slowing to a crawl or crashing whenever you try to add a marketing platform to it. 

Optimization is the Key

You should look at your website like a car that you bought new from the manufacturer. Your new car works okay, but you want to put it in competition on a racecourse. It wasn't designed for that level of performance, so you have to turn to mechanics and specialists to prepare your car to be competitive on the race circuit. These mechanics and specialists are the SEO agency.

Any car can be re-designed to be competitive. The same can be said about any website. An experienced SEO agency can take your existing site and optimise it to perform well with all the added e-commerce platforms, links and updated content, as well as the additional web traffic. 

‘Optimisation’ is one of the words in the anagram ‘SEO' and describes the agencies primary purpose. You may not have been aware of what your site could accomplish when you had it set up for your brand. But with the growing emphasis on digital marketing, it's time to partner with an experienced SEO agency. 

Improving Your Website

If the site is several years old and hasn’t been optimised recently, it’s no wonder that its rankings are in the basement. The first thing that an experienced agency will do is perform an audit on your website’s capabilities. 

They look at the loading speed of the site, search for any broken links, test how many pages are being indexed in determining the site's ranking, check the effectiveness of the keywords and content and many other facets of the back-end workings of your site. 

The agency will issue a report listing a number of suggestions. With your approval, they’ll get to work fixing all the problems on your site. Within a couple of months, you should notice a significant improvement to your site’s Google ranking. 

But they'll also enable your site to handle the added platforms' extra burden that can make your site a contributing part of your marketing operations. SEO is something you have to commit to on a long-term basis to see tangible results. But if you do, the rewards can certainly get your brand noticed in the marketplace.

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