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SEO Career: Why You Should Consider It

If you have been keen enough with recent online trends, you could have noted that there are many experts coming up with unique skills to handle unique tasks for unique, targeted online performance. Content managers are now controlling online content and determining what content should be published for what niche. Web developers have taken control of which designs befit which niches and which color and font themes should define which website. There are also online marketers who take over from web developers and content managers, selling to the world whatever the experts before them already created. Then, in comes SEO experts. These are people who specialize in learning everything about SEO and helping websites to rank highly on search engines. Based on a recent study done by Tactica, the number of SEO experts has increased tremendously in the last years, especially in Europe, where lots of companies have trusted their SEO operations to these professionals, and in USA - see New York seo companies.

In this article, we will look at seven compelling reasons why you should consider a career in SEO...

  1. Websites need SEO services now more than never
    Traditionally, SEO wasn’t a major concern for web admins. They could easily get away with black hat SEO strategies such as stuffing keywords because Google and other search engines didn’t have the infrastructure to detect or even to penalize such behavior. This has since changed as the engines now operate with very sophisticated algorithms that detect mischief early enough and suppress the websites involved down the ranking hierarchy. Besides, online businesses were not as booming five years back as they are today. The modern customer is browsing online for products and services and only visits offline stores with the most convincing online activity.

    These new changes necessitate expert SEO managers for every online business. Going forward, companies will have to hire in-house SEO experts to help them with the fast-evolving SEO strategies.

  2. On-site SEO can never be manipulated
    If you are excellent with words, a career in SEO will definitely work for you. You need the right words to explain to humans that you are worthy of their online time as well as convince the search engines that you have the best content for their searchers. This isn’t the easiest thing to manipulate or teach in a classroom. SEO expertise is more of an inborn talent than an acquired knowledge. If you have the right skills, therefore, you are guaranteed of limitless opportunities without any unnecessary competition.
  3. SEO pays pretty well
    Let’s face it: Compensation is among the greatest motivation for any job in the world since time immemorial. This had to come up, one way or the other. The good news is that being an SEO expert at a time when every web administrator is begging for your services is priceless; you will be paid anything you want for as far as you will help companies to rank highly on search engines. As a matter of fact, SEO experts are currently making more money than web designers, online marketers, and social influencers.
  4. You can always learn web design on the job
    As you grow your SEO career, you will be interacting with renowned web designers and online marketers, advising them on how to optimize their respective areas for SEO. During this time, you get the best opportunity to hone your web designing skills, online marketing strategies, and everything that go into making online business a success. You even learn how to impress different prospective customers from across the world. All this knowledge comes in handy when you decide to design your own website or market your services online. What’s more, you can even take up contracts to run websites right from inception, through development, and on to the marketing phase. That means more compensations.
  5. It is not demanding
    Once you master your SEO job, everything else falls into place. There are many SEO managers who work as independent contractors and are contracted by multiple companies to manage their websites. You even don’t need a team of employees to help you with, say, 20 websites. The job is as easy as it comes.
  6. It helps you to develop analytical-minded thinking
    Understanding data isn’t easy at all and for that, anyone who does is an invaluable asset for many industries. Working as an SEO expert forces you to not only understand data but also to know where and when to use it to your client’s advantage. Before long, you start to analyze numbers effortlessly and with a unique investment approach. That makes your talents highly marketable and compensation exceptionally good.
  7. The job is highly satisfying
    Save for compensation, nothing gives experts satisfaction than experiencing first-hand success. SEO experts track the websites they manage and establish how effective their tactics were. Seeing huge online traffic coming your client’s way after spending time strategizing for that is priceless.
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