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Tips to Send Bulk SMS from Your PC

How to send bulk SMS messages from your PC

There are a lot of marketing tools used to promote a business. One of them is bulk SMS messaging. This is the most effective way to quickly notify customers. Messages received on the phone will be read with a 98% probability. This is due to the fact that most people keep their phones close at all times. SMS notifications are usually read in one and a half minutes after receiving.

The CTR (click-through rate) for bulk sms is 36%, while for emails it is around 4%. Therefore, SMS is one of the best and most effective platforms for communication between the company representatives and their target audience.

Particular steps to send bulk SMS from PC

To send SMS in bulk to mobile phones of your customers, you need to download and install a special program on your computer. Next, you should register using your valid email address and a password. When the account is created, you need to enter your login information and proceed to configuring the program. In the settings of this business text service, it is easy to customize the workflow to suit your needs. You can also replenish your balance there.

To start an advertising campaign you should:

  • specify the name of the sender (you can use the name of your company);
  • select recipients’ numbers (several numbers or a group of contacts);
  • write the text of your message.

The text can contain both an ad of a new product or a newly opened company and information about the most interesting promotions. Through mass mailing, you can invite potential customers to visit a new store that has opened in the city, invite them to the company's website, or perform any other targeted action.

API Integration

There are many ways to send SMS messages using a computer. One of them is using the text message service for business software connected to a global SMS gateway via the API integration. Integration tools allow you to move to a secure and reliable platform. In this case, you can carry out mass mailing without ceasing the use of your own software.

The API integration is free, so you will be able to appreciate all benefits of migration and see if the system suits your needs. Before starting the integration, you can consult with the development team who will explain the details of the transition and help configure the software.

The basic principle used when you send SMS in bulk is as follows. The API will send the texts out using your projects via the following protocols:

  • SMTP;
  • SMPP.

The available libraries in various programming languages will be connected to the software product, after which you can start mailing. You can send messages to both a specific number and a group of contacts. It is enough to filter contacts, divide them into appropriate groups and send messages out to assigned numbers.

You can also send unique messages using bulk SMS sender service to every user anywhere in the world. There is also an online feature of tracking the status of messages and information if they are read. Messages will be delivered regardless of the server load.

Email 2 SMS

Sending SMS to a mobile number is possible not only via special programs, such as bulk SMS service. You can send mass messages using email. Thanks to this, notifications will be instantly delivered to the recipient on his mobile phone.

You can use a centralized email address to receive responses. Once you have created an email account, you can start bulk texting. In this case, you can also send messages to both individual numbers and a group of contacts.

To significantly save time on choosing numbers and sending mass SMS messages, it is enough to create contact groups. They will allow you to expand your client base and quickly notify your target audience about any news.

When creating a message, don’t specify the subject of a letter. It is enough to create a body of the letter and remove the email signature. You can leave data for feedback in a compact format by providing a link to your site or the name of the company. This will allow to send a short message in one piece. Don’t forget that providers limit texts of notifications to a certain number of characters, depending on the selected alphabet, Latin or Cyrillic. After creating a message and specifying contacts, it will only remain to send out mass texts to your customers.

Bulk SMS Service

The mass texting tool allows you to send messages to all clients without major delays. You can compile a mailing list of several users, or you can create one for several hundred clients. Moreover, everyone will receive an SMS at the designated time. You can send messages right now or on schedule; in any case, you will receive a report after the texts will be delivered and read.

There are several services for sending mass mailings from a computer, a browser extension or software that requires installation on your PC. Both services offer convenient and fast mailing to selected recipients.

To Sum Up

Sending SMS from a computer doesn’t differ from the classic sending from a mobile phone. On the contrary, a computer is much more suitable for advertising campaigns, because a variety of programs and extensions allow you to easily and quickly notify your target audience about new promotions or changes in the work of your company.

Correct software configuration allows texting to specific customers. For this, it is enough to pre-filter users depending on their place of residence, age or interests.

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