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Things to Keep in Mind About Selling on Shopify

You’ve read all the blogs, planned what you’re going to sell, and now you’re almost there! You’re about to launch your Shopify store and start selling! We know you’re excited, so are we. However, as easy as it seems, there are a few things you should be mindful of while selling on Shopify.

Staying organized and informed about a business is the best way to avoid unnecessary stress. Your priority should be to launch a store that you would want to visit. Happy customers will make your business grow! Since you’ve already covered the basics, we’ve curated a list of things you should keep in mind about selling on Shopify.

Give your store a creative name and choose a theme!

Your store name is your first step to creating a brand identity. In the e-commerce industry, brands with creative and well-thought names are the ones that grab a customer's attention. You should keep a name that is simple, creative, and resonates with what you sell.

Shopify offers a range of free themes from which you can select one that meets your needs. You can even choose to pay for premium themes for adding a better visual appeal to your store. Remember- boring, monochromatic themes don't go well with customers, especially if you're selling clothing and accessories. People buy what looks good to them. You must make sure that the theme matches your brand name and relates to the products you are selling.

Make sure your customers can find you!

You need to ensure smooth navigation on your store’s page. This will allow your customers to have a happy shopping experience. Efficient navigation will increase your sales by large numbers.

Your customers need to trust you and your brand. Make sure you provide your customers with a platform to reach you. The key to this is to enter accurate contact details like a customer service email address or a telephone number. This will allow you to address customer queries with ease.

Update, Restock, and Promote!

You need to keep up with the market demands and constantly update your stocks. We advise a monthly addition of new stocks. Additionally, you should monitor items that get sold out in their initial week of being launched. These items are popular with customers and are bound to get you return-buyers or new customers through referrals.

Updating your inventory will help you drive more traffic to your store. This is because customers look forward to new items and their old favorites restocked when they visit your store. Most importantly, PROMOTE! Your customers need to see you on their social media feeds at all times. Pool in a good number of resources to promote your store. Facebook Pixel is a must for Shopify sellers.

Setting up payment methods and taxes

All your customers probably prefer different payment methods. The best way to stay a winner in the e-commerce industry is to accept payments through different methods like cash, debit/credit cards, and e-portals.

You need to be a responsible citizen while selling on Shopify. It is a must to set up taxes so you can be honest and enjoy your profits without any obstruction. This also ensures that your customers pay their respective taxes to the government that becomes due when they buy something.

Flaunt your items and offer returns!

You need to launch products on Shopify in a way that they look extremely appealing. Let’s say you’re selling makeup. Posting just one photograph of the items in their packed state will not help. You need to post multiple pictures. For example, in the case of lipsticks, you could separate pictures of the packaging, a model wearing the shade as well as the shade in a digital swatch.

You should have an easy-returns policy for all your products. There will be times when a product is not the right fit for the customer, or the customer simply dislikes it. You need to be understanding in these situations. This makes your customers trust you if they had made a wrong choice or received a faulty item.

Flaunt your items and offer returns!

Shopify is a great platform for entrepreneurs to build a successful business. However, before launching a business, it is important to have a plan. You need to have a long-term perspective and see what works and what doesn’t.

The key to a successful business is analysis. Analyze problems, fix them. You need to constantly stay ahead at the game and work to achieve success. If you implement our tips right, you'll be able to set up a successful store in no time at all! Trust your ideas, innovate, and re-invent!

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