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SalvageData and Its Data Recovery Services


As we know, SalvageData recovery is a GSA, SOC - SAS70 certified data recovery services. They are the best recovery software tools firm, which was founded in 2003. Its headquarters is currently in Cleveland, Ohio, and the company works for the individual, business, and government customers. SalvageData helps them recover from the computer and also provides electronic data loss situations. With over 50 local receiving and review centers located around North America, it is part of its accreditation and undergoes yearly ISO 9001:2008 quality control reviews. SalvageData has been awarded the Gold award for "best hard drive recovery service" in the industry by TopTenReviews for six consecutive years from 2012 to 2017. Read More on SalvageData on their website.

What SalvageData do?

SalvageData services are described below. Now, I will tell you just a summary of what they actually do. If you are facing any physical hard drive damage, then SalvageData is your to-go-to place. They repair everything, including broken connectors, broken motors or controller chip failures, and other types of mechanical failure. The company also retains a supply of spare parts of different hardware from several manufacturers. These spare parts from manufacturers get the drive running well enough for technicians and help them extract the data and transfer it to a new drive.

SalvageData performs its recovery services wherever you want, whether onsite or remote locations. If there is nothing physically wrong with your hard drive, the technician accesses your computer through an internet connection to perform logical recoveries. Companies also offer software recoveries. In software recoveries, they can recover data from Windows, Mac, and Linux OSes. So, you can recover all your accidentally deleted files and partitions or data lost due to the reformatting of the hard drive with the help of SalvageData Data Recovery Service.

Services of SalvageData

SalvageData provides different services to individuals, business owners, and governments. Working with a wide range of individual and business consumers, they can recover any type of lost data from damaged hard drives and from all other digital devices. Some of its services include

  1. Data recovery
    Any kind of damaged hardware can be shipped free of charge and dropped off to any of the company's 30+ locations for evaluation and recovery review. They also have remote evaluations and recovery review services for their customers. Customers can find them easily on the internet, but it is only possible in case if the media is logically damaged, not physically.
  2. Software
    In the case of any lost and damaged software, SalvageData provides software products and tools for all digital media storage platforms. Moreover, they provide servers, mainframes, RAID and SCSI arrays, SAN, NAS, and DAS for the software recovery service.
  3. Operations
    It is no wonder that SalvageData operated in compliance with the quality control standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). They also contain the SOC Type 3 security certification. Various hardware manufacturers recommend SalvageData services. They are not only certified but also recognized and approved by the hardware manufacturers.

Reasonable Data Recovery Services

SalvageData offers all of its data recovery services at very reasonable rates. It is not easy to find such recoveries at affordable rates, but SalvageData not only gets the work done exceptionally but also at a price that every person can afford. This is why it is regarded as one of the most amazing and exceptional data recovery experts in the industry if you are also facing any data damage, whether logical or hardware, contact SalvageData for the best data recovery services.

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Bottom Line:

SalvageData is considered as one of the most regarded data recovery experts in the industry. It makes sure to deliver their promises on time. Customer reviews of SalvageData are mixed, so we cannot claim them realistic. SalvageData, if not exceptional, is a good provider. It is good enough for many data recovery issues. When no one else can recover the data, SalvageData can be your go-to vendor for extreme recoveries. SalvageData will get the job done in many situations as they are a GSA-approved contractor.

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