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Sailpoint vs CyberArk | Detailed Comparison

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Sailpoint and CyberArk are both Identity Access Management (IAM) technologies. IAM is a platform that helps individuals to have access to the relevant resources for the appropriate purposes at the proper time. IAM is concerned with topics such as how users obtain an identity, how that identity is protected, and the technology that enables such protection. In this blog, we will compare Sailpoint vs CyberArk to assist you in choosing the most suitable one. 

What is Sailpoint?

Sailpoint is an identity management company that specializes in organization development by giving and controlling access permissions from any location. Sailpoint is available in four unique configurations. They are as follows:

  1. IdentityIQ - It is the company's flagship identity governance product which integrates identity governance capabilities like user access, compliance controls, password protection, and leasing.
  2. IdentityNow - It is a comprehensive cloud-based solution for on-premises, web, and smartphone apps. It manages access privileges, procurement, access verification, and data encryption.
  3. SecurityIQ - It is an add-on solution to the Sailpoint identity governance infrastructure that helps businesses to locate and control sensitive data retained on records, thereby enhancing their capacity to deal with the rapidly increasing threat to the security of unorganized data.
  4. IdentityAI - It is an identification data analysis solution that provides clients with the visibility necessary to understand the risk associated with user connectivity by detecting anomalous behavior.

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What is CyberArk?

CyberArk may be characterized as a security tool that is capable of meeting the organizations' network security needs. The company does not need to get any extra infrastructure assets or execution capabilities while using CyberArk.

By utilizing the CyberArk technology, users can save and retain data by securely turning off the credentials for all critical accounts, therefore successfully defending against hacking and virus threats. As a result, CyberArk is utilized in a variety of industries, including medical, power, commerce, and financial companies.

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Features: Sailpoint vs. CyberArk

  • Management of access requests.
  • Control of compliance.
  • Administration of passwords.
  • Provisioning that is automated.
  • Supervision of accounts.
  • Handling of roles.
  • File-level identity management.
  • Securing Industrial Control Systems.
  • Advanced Threat Defense.
  • Auditing and analysis on Information Technology.
  • Security for Windows.
  • Unix/Linux Security.
  • Protection against Insider Threats.
  • DevOps Security.

Benefits of Sailpoint

  • Security - It is possible to activate the identification of your information and apps. It safeguards your business from internal data leaks and external data breach attempts.
  • Visibility - This feature enables you to determine what everyone is doing and who is gaining access to what. Knowing this information about your identification can instill confidence in you and alleviate your concern regarding missing or compromising your data.
  • Password Management - With the assistance of a password management tool, you may update or reset lost passwords. Furthermore, all passwords for your business are safely stored up, making them extremely easy to access at any moment.
  • Risk Reduction - In the event of an issue, you may mitigate risks by utilizing Sailpoint to quickly determine who edited, deleted, or duplicated data items on your systems and taking appropriate action to stop them.
  • Support for Mobile Devices - You may store your data in the cloud. One benefit of this supplier is that you may access the program via your smartphone if you are unable to use your laptop.

Benefits of CyberArk

  • Flexible - It is easily adaptable to provide the degree of granularity and extra protocols necessary for verification. This degree of adaptability simplifies the implementation of a corporate security strategy centered on privileged accounts. Changes to audit criteria are necessary to account for password complexity and other variables.
  • Assures Responsibility - When pooled preferred accounts are used, user anonymity is eliminated. As a result, it will be easy to identify the violent offender whenever a problem requires resolution.
  • Various Jobs Are Automated - To safeguard passwords, identities, connections, and devices, CyberArk Authentication and Authorization Password Management automates the entire lifecycle process. As a result of the higher workflow pace, users have more time to focus on critical concerns.
  • Audit Reports - CyberArk is capable of developing a fairly comprehensive audit analysis on the files and transactions associated with each privileged account. Furthermore, any privileged actions may also be scrutinized. Every one of these variables is helpful to construct forensic investigation and audit proofing.
  • Complete Privilege Control - Supervisors of CyberArk have absolute control over the access and capabilities of any privileged user. CyberArk gives administrators the ability to customize, define, and limit access to certain privileged users.


Both of these solutions are capable of storing and maintaining information by pivoting the authorizations of a large number of critical documents in order to successfully defend against malware and hacker risks. We hope that by examining the benefits and features of Sailpoint vs. CyberArk described above, you will be able to choose which tool is the best fit for your needs.

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