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How Safe is it to Unlock AT&T iPhone?

Unlock AT&T iPhone

Nowadays, with so many network providers around, the market is very competitive. The rates are different based on the provider you choose, and you can expect anywhere between high and low. Of course, this is great news for consumers who want to make the switch. But can you unlock AT&T iPhone to enjoy other networks?

Many consumers are stuck with network providers they don’t even like. And all this is because they are unable to make the switch. Their phones have a lock mechanism from the service provider, which limits them from making any such changes. But even if you want to, how safe is it to unlock AT&T iPhone?

Locked vs. Unlocked Phone

As you may have already noticed, the only drawback that may present itself is a locked phone. This is inconvenient when you want to make the switch to another service provider.

Many service providers like At&t lock phones primarily for marketing purposes. They don’t want to let you go. But that only takes away your freedom to get services from other sources. And we can already guess that you’re frustrated about it.

The basic difference between a locked and unlocked phone is the software code. This is the only thing that prevents you from using another service provider. But imagine the possibility of cracking this code, so that you can regain your freedom of choice.

Now, there are several ways to go about unlocking your phone. You may decide to contact AT&T to unlock the iPhone on your behalf. Or you can also use a third-party service provider instead. Plus you can use your IMEI number to quickly unlock AT&T iPhone without any delays.

When identifying a third party website, you have to be careful of con predators waiting to devour unsuspecting clients. Look through past reviews and certifications to ensure that you’re dealing with a credible company.

Is it Safe to Unlock AT&T iPhone?

Yes, it is very safe and legal to unlock AT&T iPhone. Many tend to think otherwise and hesitate to unlock their iPhones. While using an illegal channel may be the only issue at bay, unlocking your phone, in itself, isn’t illegal. People have done it before, and you’ll neither be the first nor the last.

Benefits of Unlocking your Phone

Probably the biggest gain of unlocking your phone is the freedom to choose the provider you wish to use. You no longer have to follow the terms and conditions you don’t want. Besides, your service provider will not force you into signing another contract just so you can use your phone again.

Buying a new gadget just to use another network is lame. Why do so when you can easily unlock AT&T iPhone? Also, when you start to travel overseas, you’ll begin to see how important it is to have a phone that you can use with any carrier.

When you visit a foreign country, using their local service provider will be much cheaper. And an unlocked phone enables you to choose any service provider – even when you’re away from your country. No need to use roaming services that are more costly.

What is Factory Unlocking?

This is by far the easiest and safest method you can use to unlock AT&T iPhone. It involves using the phone’s IMEI number, which is unique in every device. It gives information regarding the phone model and the brand. The third-party service or website will enter your brand’s device database so that it can reassign your status from locked to unlocked.

Most of these service providers can easily free any smartphone that’s locked, including the latest iPhone models. Just for a small fee, you get an unlock pin that you can use in opening your gadget. In most cases, you just need to paste your IMEI number on their website and add an email where you’ll receive the instructions. If any website asks you for personal information, such as your financial information, just walk out of their site. There are a lot of sites looking to swindle people, and you have to be extra careful.

Why Not Use Other Methods to Unlock AT&T iPhone?

Well, nobody’s stopping you from using any other method you deem fit to unlock At&t iPhone. However, note that when you use some methods, Apple’s software updates may force you to revert back to the lock system. Thus, it’s always better to rely on long-term methods such as using factory unlocking. Besides, factory unlocking will only take a few days or even hours, and you’re good to go.

What to Have in Mind When You Want to Unlock AT&T iPhone

There are only a few things that you should note while you unlock AT&T iPhone. These include the following:

  • Terms of locked and unlocked.
  • Eligibility for unlocking the iPhone.
  • Patience during the procedure.

Final Thoughts

So, in regards to safety, it’s very safe and legal to unlock AT&T iPhone. Are you ready to kick start the process? Well, our first third-party recommendation is Cell Unlocker.

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