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Role of Social Media in Student Life

If you ever met someone who doesn’t have a social media account, you are lucky because people without a social media account are rare as hen’s teeth! Ah, you should have taken a selfie with him and posted it on your Instagram (see the irony there?).

You get the point here – social media is as common as oxygen nowadays – it has become the very stuff we breathe in – that is how important of a role social media plays in the life of a modern person. Though the impact of social media on the lives of people has been immense, the millennial generation and Generation Z are the ones that have been impacted by it the most. Goes without saying, millennial and Gen Z are mostly students.

In the life of a modern student, social media plays a very important role, and that is what this post is going to be about.

Having fun is important

Life of a modern student is full of stresses and there is a need for some activity that just uplifts the mood gives you a little break and somewhat of an escape from the real world. And social media does just that. Add to that the fact that it is so readily available that all you have to do is pick your phone and open your favorite social media app.

All these factors combined make social media the perfect candidate for a fun activity.

The useful aspects

Social media is not just fun, it also has several other benefits...

Finding likeminded people:
If you have peculiar interests and you think, you can’t find like-minded people in your college, you can definitely find people on social media that share the same interests as yours – no matter how peculiar they are.

If you are into cars, you go to Facebook, and join a group of car lovers. Fragrance lovers, watch enthusiasts, stock investors, you name a thing, and it’s there on Facebook and you can connect with people who have the same interests as yours.

Sharing of news and updates:
Other than giving you an opportunity to connect with likeminded people, social media also keeps you updated with the latest news regarding your interests – Yes, it knows exactly what you are interested in.

Voicing opinions:
Social media is the pinnacle of the right to express your opinions – when it comes to freedom of expression, there is no better way to do it then through social media.

It allows you to voice your opinion on anything – which you obviously can’t do in college.

Help with education:
Another benefit that social media offers is, it helps a student in the learning process in several ways. A student can connect with other students and share study material online. And, if need be, students can also go for paid academic help, all of it is available on social media – doesn’t matter if you are looking for an online dissertation writing services London, or an assignment help service in Australia, you will find it on social media.

Market your business:
Running a business while studying full-time wasn’t possible a few decades ago. But thanks to social media, it is now possible.

It doesn’t matter whether you prepare homemade cookies or provide Professional thesis writing help, you can market your offerings on social media. It’s cost effective, allows you to target your audience effectively and it also allows you to calculate return on investment – not to mention several other benefits, like the opportunity to connect with your audience.

The downside

Well, if you are thinking social media is all good, you are mistaken – because it has certain downsides to it which you have to be aware of...

Declining quality of lifestyle:
Social media is causing a decline in your lifestyle in several ways.

  • No time for studies: Well, your studies are important and if you are on social media all day, you are missing out on your studies which will hurt you in the longer run.
  • No time for relationships: You may be sitting with your significant other, but if you are on your phone, you are not really with them.
  • No time for oneself: how will you have time for yourself, when you are constantly on your phone?
  • Lack of productive hobbies: Your brain loves activities that give it the pleasure and so, it naturally avoids the “boring” tasks – like reading a book, or gardening because these things do not give you the instant gratification like social media does.

Attention deficit:
Social media thrives on your attention and it is designed to control it. What it does is, it hinders your brains ability to focus on tasks that require attention for longer durations, hence leaving you with a dulled ability to be attentive - both in terms of the quality of attention and the span of it.

Social media messes with your head – it makes your brain release dopamine, the pleasure chemical which is at the core of most addictions. No wonder why so many of us are hooked to social media and have no choice but to spend time on social media.

When you open your social media apps when you did not intend to do that, it’s a sure sign they are distracting you from things that matter.

Magic lies in the balance

You are now aware of both the benefits and the adverse effects of social media. The next thing you have to do is manage it in a way that maximizes the benefits of it and minimizes the downsides.

Some tools – time tracking apps and app blocker:
If you are looking for the sweet spot – the balance, there are some tools that might come in handy. Tools to ensure that you are not overindulging in social media.

App blockers and behavior tracking apps will particularly be your friends, if you decide to take the path that leads to balance.


There are advantages of social media – and no one denies that. However, you should be aware of the dangers it poses – to your mental health, and to other areas of your life.

Being a modern student, you have to be vary of the dangers and navigate your way through it.

Social media is a very useful servant, but at the same time a horrible master. If your attention is controlled by that notification bell, it means you are allowing social media to play the master – and it is horrible in that role!

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