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Roku Private Channels: The Best of the Lot


Roku recently gained immense popularity in the streaming industry with its devices that let you stream numerous channels and streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Hulu.

The recent change of events (Hint: pandemic) brought a lot of catastrophe otherwise, but luckily things were good for the streaming industry, including the devices. With everyone quarantining in their homes, outdoor activities took a significant backseat.

It was time for the TV and internet to shine. And so it did with the help of devices like Roku, which brought along a variety of content on demand. From new TV channels to movies, TV shows, and reality TV, Roku had it all.


The compatibility of Roku on Disney Plus, Netflix, and Hulu was the primary source of its popularity, but little did we know that it holds much more content than that. Apart from these titles, Roku has a whole set of hidden private channels on their system. 

Why does it have Private Channels?

What’s the point of having these channels, you ask? This is because it is a way for private channels to test out their channel on the Roku system before they officially begin streaming for the masses. 

But Roku does not review these hidden channels until they officially are on the system, which gives room for misuse and content piracy. It discourages in all regards; hence, it works hard to eliminate as much pirated content as possible. 

How to add Private Channels on Roku?

  1. Visit the Roku website and create an account. 
  2. Sign in using your credentials.
  3. On the screen, click on Add Channels.
  4. Enter the name or code of the channel and press enter.
  5. Roku will display a warning regarding third-party content on the site. Press OK and proceed.
  6. Re-confirm one more time. 
  7. Now, wait for the channel to show up on your screen.

List of Top Private Channels on Roku:

Nowhere TV (Free)

Access Code: H9DWC
Channel Type: Podcasts, TV shows, newscasts, and more

Nowhere Archive (Free)

Access Code: NMJS5
Channel Type: On-demand video (movies, TV shows), audio files

Unofficial Twitch.TV (Free)

Access Code: TwitchTV
Channel Type: Gaming-related videos (live and on-demand)

Wilderness Channel (Free)

Access Code: FL821095
Channel Type: Nature and outdoors-related content

iTunes Podcasts (Free)

Access Code: ITPC
Channel Type: Audio/video podcasts

SpaceTime Free (Free)

Access Code: CN6MRTG
Channel Type: Video content supplied by space agencies

Lode Runner Remake (Free)

Access Code: H9DWC
Channel Type: Podcasts, TV shows, newscasts, and more

Update My Channels (Free)

Access Code: LodeRunnerPreview
Channel Type: A classic video game

Nowhere Coin (Free)

Access Code: nowherecoin
Channel Type: Bitcoin tracker (screensaver)

Tropical Beach (Free)

Access Code: VRQHQ
Channel Type: Video/audio backdrop for your TV

The Silent Movie Channel (Free)

Access Code: ROLLEM
Channel Type: On-demand silent movies

Red Bull TV (Free)

Access Code: REDBULLTV
Channel Type: Live-stream and on-demand sports videos

MultiLive ( (Free)

Access Code: DNLMPK
Channel Type: European TV channels (live feed)

RokuCast (Free)

Access Code: CL9D5D
Channel Type: Google Chrome casting (HTML5 content)

Weather Radar (Free)

Access Code: radar
Channel Type: Detailed weather forecast

Amateurlogic (Free)

Access Code: Alogic
Channel Type: Tech DIY, Electronic, Computer projects

Roku Movies (Free)

Access Code: zb34ac
Channel Type: Movie streaming channel for all genres

Great Chefs (Free)

Access Code: greatchefs
Channel Type: Cooking related videos and tutorials

Ace TV (Free)

Access Code: acetv
Channel Type: Horror, Sci-fi movie streaming channel, strictly 18+

Maddy Mation (Free)

Channel Type: Anime and Cartoon collection for Kids

Final Thoughts

While you can find tons of content on Roku, these private channels are like a secret that one can discover along their way. But this too comes with a few set of rules that one has to follow no matter what. 

Some of these channels hold pirated content; while you won’t be penalized or your account won’t be ceased if Roku finds you accessing pirated content through your account and device, it will take action nonetheless. 

Roku will remove the channel immediately, and you will be banned from adding any other non-certified or private channel to your service. But this does not mean that you can’t add any channel, this rule is strictly for non-certified private channels. 

So browse safely and avoid any pirated channel at all costs.

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