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Bringing Revolution in Health & Fitness: Here is How Mobile Apps are Making a Difference

Technology has evolved the day to day life of individuals as it has completely changed the way of living and doing business. One of the modern trends and major resources in this is, of course, the use of mobile applications. Technology makes many things better and easier. Health and Fitness are no exception. Apps and smartphones have become a considerable part of today's culture and overruling everyone's life with their ease of use and significant features.

As per Statista, fitness applications that analyze fitness achievements like a weight lifted or miles run will only become popular in the coming times.

As it is evident, This year is as of now turning out to be significant for the fitness and health industries, with organizations like Apple, with the Apple Watch and Healthkit, and IBM with its Under Armor Association, starting to lead the pack in health tech.

Apps on those devices give rise to personalized consumer experience as they are super-powered by data analytics when it comes to health and Fitness. 

Why Fitness Apps?

Our fast-evolving and outgoing lifestyle are what brings the health and fitness apps in the picture. Health and fitness app brings us the much-coveted adrenaline boost. As the incidence of health risks and problems become increasingly prominent worldwide, individuals are now more conscious of their health.

Health and fitness applications powered by versatile innovation and mobile technology enables us to set and keep the wellbeing goals. These apps allow users to perform numerous activities under one platform, whether it is to track the sleeping pattern or monitor the heart rate. It empowers you to take proactive charge of your body.

Health and fitness applications have really made a stride ahead in crossing over the gaps of Fitness by giving intuitive and creative answers to the issues. The demand for mobile apps for health & Fitness is increasing as it helps to concentrate on improving lifestyle through innovative interaction.

According to Flurry statistics, health and fitness apps have become significantly popular in the past few years. A rise of 330% has been recorded in adopting fitness apps in the last three years. 

With the advent of technology and wearables like fitness bands, the users are becoming more motivated to use health and fitness apps for enjoying their lives healthier. 

Must-have features of a health and fitness app? 

As per Statista, In the first quarter of 2019, the number of available health and fitness apps in the Play Store was 37,143. The dynamic and interesting feature of health and fitness apps is that app users always remain informed about their health and vital stats. 

  • Device compatibility
    One of the essential features of Fitness and health application is Device compatibility. Compatibility with both of the mobile platforms – Android and iOS – is an important and essential aspect. Also, if health and fitness app can synchronize with wearables like apple watched or smartwatches, it will make health monitoring all the more convenient for users. 
  • Customization
    Users should create their individual profiles with information like gender, age, weight, height, and health goals. The application also provides customized features such as personalized exercise routine, diet plan, and progress reports accordingly. 
  • Geolocation
    Geolocation is one of the necessary features as it enables users to track their steps and walking routes. With the help of this feature, app users can track their progress on a very daily basis and expand their walking/running routes accordingly.
  • Push notifications
    Push notifications are the feature of mobile fitness applications that enables users to keep pace with their health and Fitness by notifying them with their daily workout sessions.

    Users with strict health and fitness goals do not ever want to skip their workout sessions. However, it is very challenging to keep up with a busy schedule and lifestyle to maintain our daily fitness goals. This is when push notifications come to the rescue.

  • Gamification
    It is a human tendency to push ourselves more when we have a specific target to reach or get an incentive or rewards. Another feature of health and fitness mobile app is Gamification; it motivates users to use the app, stay fit, and keep pace with the health goals. 
  • Sleep tracker
    Another feature that is a must-have for a health and fitness mobile app is the sleep tracker. Due to changing dynamics and busy life schedules, getting a few hours of sound sleep is a challenge for many of us.

    Here comes the rescue, health, and fitness app as it has the feature that tracks our sleep despite the sleep stage. However, an individual needs to wear a fitness wearable and activate it before sleep.

  • Chat Feature
    With a chat feature, users can interact with a team of fitness experts and get the best-customized solutions as per their needs, concerns, and preferences. Besides, users can also interact with other users who are using the app and create daily challenges based on their goals. 
  • Audio/Video Guide
    Another outstanding feature of health and fitness app is audio/video guide. Just like an instructor, a guide will help the fitness application users understand the right way to do exercise and workout.

    This will reduce the risk of injuries due to inappropriate postures, boost their experience, and motivate them to perform daily activities on improving the customer experience.

  • Calorie Burn and Diet Tracking
    Calorie burn and diet tracking is a feature of a health and fitness app that motivates the users and gives the enthusiasm to stay fit. An app user can add a calorie burn and diet tracking section. This feature will help fitness freaks determine the right meal for them and achieve their desired goals faster.
  • Meditation and Yoga course
    Health and fitness app helps to overcome fear, anxiety, and also another kind of negative emotions, as it offers meditation and yoga courses. These practices will calm down their minds and bodies and boost their participation in fitness exercises and workouts.

Shruti Bansal is a tech enthusiast with a specialization in Digital Marketing. She is passionate about technology, internet marketing, & writing. Currently working in a Mobile App Development Company.

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