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How do I Resolve the ERR_Timed_Out Error

The internet has evolved into one of the largest networks that have connected the whole world and made it easy to share data. But some errors hamper the normal functioning of the internet, which ultimately impacts the users' efficiency when working on the system.

This article will reveal one such error called Err_timed_out error. The error is encountered by the majority of the users while accessing the internet, and sometimes it is very frustrating.

What does ERR_TIMED_OUT mean?

ERR_TIMED_OUT error (which can be specified with the ERR_TIMED_OUT variable) is commonly used in Google Chrome. ERR_TIMED_OUT is a connection error that prevents you from accessing the webpage from the Chrome browser. The website is not loading correctly due to a system communication error. The error that can be encountered regularly, " Err_timed_out ", is usually caused by too long a response time when a request is sent to the target server (server where your website is located). Indeed, when a request is sent, and the latter does not respond within 30 seconds, your browser terminates the connection.

The err_timed_out means the connection was lost while accessing a web page from Google Chrome. This is a browser error that prevents the page from being displayed. This can happen, for example, if the server is overloaded, if the page has an error that causes a loop in the code, and if the available bandwidth on the page is exhausted.

Causes of the connection timeout error

There can be various causes that can be the potential reasons for the connection timeout error. Some of these causes are mentioned below:

  • Slow internet connection: A slow internet connection is one of the possible reasons for the error. If the system does not have a fast and reliable internet connection, the server may accept the request, but the system took too long to respond due to the slow internet.
  • Invalid URL: If the user requests an invalid URL to access the data, the server automatically denies the request.
  • Server delay or error: It is not mandatory that there is a problem on the user side only, it is also possible that there is a server delay, and before the server can free itself, the data timeout has occurred.
  • Incorrect settings: It is possible that the Windows firewall did not allow the transfer of data packets in the system, causing the browser to display this error.

Ways to fix the Err_timed_out error

If the error ERR_TIMED_OUT occurs, the user will try to search for a specific site, but time will pass without a response from the browser. Therefore, an error will happen, and you will be notified that a repair is required. There are various ways to fix this error, and some of them are mentioned below:

1. Checking your internet connection

The first thing to check during the "Err_Connection_Time_Out" error is the functioning of your internet connection but also that your web browser is up to date. It is often helpful to test access to your website through a different web browser. If access is functional with Firefox or Edge but not on your Chrome browser, it means that your Google browser is responsible for the problem you are having. Therefore, the first thing you need to do to fix the err_timed_out error is to ensure that the network cable is correctly connected to both the computer and the router. Once connected via WiFi, it is helpful to restart your router to establish a new connection.

2. Check your Windows host file

If this does not resolve the issue, another option is to check your Windows host file to see if the site you are trying to access is blocked. Third-party applications can modify this file to add IP or URLs to the list of blocked sites. In this case, please remove it from the list and save the file again.

3. Clear browsing data on your browsers

Cookies, thumbnails, etc., saved by Google Chrome can gradually affect the browser's behaviour. For this reason, you clear your browser from the menu.

Navigation data such as cookies, browsing history and cache may be problematic and no longer allow smooth browsing. Therefore, it is advisable to empty the cache regularly to prevent the " err_timed_out" error. This error is mainly known on Chrome. You can click the [CTRL] + F5 keys simultaneously for this. Cleaning you're will give Chrome the built-in capabilities to scan for and remove malware that could be causing an ERR_TIMED_OUT error.

4. Check your network settings

A connection error can sometimes be resolved and corrected by disabling specific automatic processes in your network settings.

  1. To do this, go to “Internet Options " located on your control panel.
  2. Under the “Connection” tab, go to the “Network Settings " button.
  3. Uncheck all options in the newly opened window and click the “Ok " button to save.
  4. Check for the presence of the “Err_timed_out" error.

4. Cleaning and renewal of DNS and your IP address

If the issue persists and you continue to see err_timed_out error when trying to access the Web site, the error encountered can also cause an overloaded DNS cache. To solve this issue, renew your IP address using the following procedure.

  1. In “Command Prompt “software, type the command” / config / flushdns” and press “Enter ".
  2. Then enter the command " ipconfig / registerdns " then the commands " ipconfig / release ", " ipconfig / renew ", and " netsh winsock reset "
  3. Restart your computer and check that you no longer have the "Err_timed_out" error when browsing.

5. Checking your firewall

In some cases, your firewall may be the cause of your browser blocking. After deactivated the firewall, it is necessary to test to verify your browser's functioning. If the error disappears once the firewall is cut, there is a strong problem with a configuration problem on the latter.


You can now find out the probable causes of an “Err_timed_out" error on your Chrome browser. You can also troubleshoot your browser to view your website hosted again.

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