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Seven Remote Business Ideas for Anyone
Who Wants to Run Their Own Business

The experiences of 2020 and 2021 showed how important it is for a business to operate online and not depend on physical points of sale. Therefore, more and more aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for ideas for a small company that you can run entirely online.

1. Online store

Having decided to create an online store, you get complete control over every aspect of your business: from accepting payments and managing orders to marketing campaigns and advanced statistics. What exactly to sell depends on your abilities and financial capabilities. The most successful online retailers sell something that people cannot find in supermarkets and online giants like eBay and Aliexpress. For example, designer jewelry, T-shirts with designer prints, craft gift sets, and decorative interior items. In any case, before choosing an assortment for an online store, conduct marketing research to make sure that there is a demand for your products.

2. Application Development

This year, the number of downloads in the App Store and Google Play exceeded several hundred billion. This means app development is one of the most promising business ideas in 2022. It would be best if you knew significant programming languages like Python, JavaScript, iOS, and design programs. However, if you have a promising idea, you can always team up with a talented developer and release an application in collaboration with experts. As with an online store, be sure to do extensive marketing research before launching an app. This will ensure demand for your idea and avoid wasted financial investments.

3. SEO consulting

SEO is optimizing a website to appear on the first page of Google searches. The higher the site is in the search results, the more visitors visit the business site and purchase it. Therefore, many companies hire SEO specialists to help them optimize their pages with the right keywords, metadata, and other tricks. SEO consulting is a profitable remote business. However, it requires knowledge and skills. Make sure you are updated with the latest SEO trends and are fluent in keyword research.

4. Podcast

A podcast is a series of audio programs for educational or entertainment purposes. Podcasts can be lectures, interviews, radio shows, or interactive stories - anything that piques the interest of potential listeners. Creating a podcast requires almost no investment: you can record it on your smartphone using free services for editing and publishing episodes. Popular podcasts are popular with advertisers who pay to voice their ads.

5. Online courses and webinars

If you have extensive knowledge in any area, rest assured that people are willing to pay for this knowledge. Online courses and webinars are a massive industry with lectures and lessons on a wide variety of topics. To create an online course, choose a topic that you understand well. Analyze if there is a demand for it (for example, create a survey on social networks or search for existing workshops on the same topic). Write out a detailed lesson plan and create content for each item. After that, it's a good idea to create a website where you can post ready-made online courses and webinars and open access to them by subscription.

6. Remote technical support

Many startups do not hire a full-time sysadmin due to a lack of finance or office capacity. Therefore, they use the services of freelancers. If you are good at IT, you can provide technical support as a type of remote business for companies using online access. A nice bonus is that you can effectively carry out your duties from anywhere in the world with only a laptop or tablet.

7. Youtube channel

Don't be surprised by this type of remote business, but becoming a famous blogger on Youtube is more complicated than ten years ago. However, new channels still appear on the platform every month, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. By joining the Youtube affiliate program, you will receive money from every video. Make sure the video complies with the program rules - otherwise, the platform may void monetization.

Info business by law

Please note that all sorts of online courses, useful blogs, and so on - all this is information business, that is, a business selling information over the Internet. Before doing business, you need to register a business using online services for company incorporation. For example, we often advise the organizers of such services and know their main mistakes. We will answer how to organize a remote business legally and the danger of making money online without a legal basis.

These were the most exciting ideas for a remote business on the Internet by the beginning of 2022, which can be implemented with minimal investment. To do this, you may need a website to promote your services and have the right set of sales skills. If you are looking to build your business, a global employer of record platform such as Remote can assist with the hiring, onboarding and management of international employees.

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