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Regression Tests for ERP Cloud

ERP Cloud

Switching to a cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a great decision for boosting the productivity of a company, however, it comes with new tasks such as performing regular regression tests. Regression testing cannot be omitted particularly for ERP cloud systems which are frequently updated. Regression tests ensure the functionality of the system is still on the desired level after its modification, and this article will help you to find out how it is done in practice.

What is regression testing?

Regression tests for ERP cloud systems aim to maintain proper performance of the code after its modification, updates and optimisation.

Unlike re-testing which is based on fixing verified defects of the code, regression tests are applied to various test cases and not necessarily the ones containing bugs. The data for regression tests can come from different resources including manuals, tutorials as well as defect reports. The idea is to find any unexpected behaviour in the changed code even if the changes were actually made for improving the performance of the software. The techniques of regression testing can be applied simultaneously with re-testing.

Regression testing techniques used for ERP cloud services

The categorisation for regression tests which can be used for ERP cloud system examination is based on the cases used for testing.

The most thorough strategy is known as Retest All as it checks the integrity of modified software interacting with all of the test cases available for testing. Certainly, it will give you the most complete information about the possible side effects, however, it can be rather costly. For that reason, many companies decide to apply more limited testing strategies.

Testing only particular cases is known as regression test selection. In many situations, it turns out to be less pricey than Retest All, however, selecting cases for testing can also generate costs.

It is also popular to prioritise test cases for regression testing of ERP cloud software. This means test cases are prioritised in a certain way so that the cases of the highest significance will be tested first. The factors for prioritisation can be either based on the importance of test cases for the sequence of releases of the software versions or for the significance of a test case related to a certain software version.

Moreover, hybrid tests mixing selection and prioritisation techniques are also used.

Manual regression testing vs automated regression testing

It is possible to conduct regression testing manually. In such a case, the entire plan for testing is created by manual testers who will decide whether the tests are failed or passed considering the results defined in the test cases.

Automated testing techniques can choose the test cases for automation, consider their significance as well as set the frequency of testing. For ERP cloud systems, automated regression testing proves to be more efficient because of the regular modifications of this type of software.

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