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The Number of Recent Scams on Social Media
Has Crossed Four Digits!

“Do you have social media?” What would be your reaction if someone asks you this question? In this era of increasing technology, it is pretty hard to come across people with nill social media usage. Now, it has become an essential part of each and everyone's life. Whether you are bored or have some work to do in your regular life, you access social media. Whether you want to connect to the world or make memories, you access social media. Therefore, due to its excessive convenience and opportunities, people have made it part of their regular life. Almost inevitable to notice the significance of social media in every individuals' life.

With increasing advantages and significance come drawbacks and inconvenience. Social media can be a knock-down platform for an individual as well as a vigorous place depending on the experience. People who happened to face scams on social media illustrate it as the most destructive and depressing experience of their life. Thus, it could have a great influence on one’s life. The Federal Trade Commission has stated that in 2021 most social media scams were reported. Online dating, investments, online shopping scams due to undelivered products, and social phishing were at the top.

When you're online, the golden rule is to be cautious about where you click or tap. The majority of awful things that can happen to you, from viruses to ransomware to identity theft, will begin with a malicious link of some sort. It may download malware or redirect you to a bogus website designed to steal your login credentials, but if you don't click or tap on it, you won't be harmed.

Scammers will go to any extent to persuade you to click on that link. If you don't log in using this link, you may receive a legitimate-looking email stating that your account is about to be closed. Perhaps you've gotten a message from a friend or coworker urging you to click on a link. Perhaps it's a gift card offer or a compelling video. Always approach a link with a fair amount of scepticism.

Scams on Social Media to Be Cautious Of

The claimers company, considering the damage and harm an individual faces due to scams, bought informational articles for its customers to get the advantage of and prevent any mishap from happening to them.


The number of online shopping scams through Facebook and Instagram has been reported to be 70%. Thus, scammers trap customers by asking them to pay online for the product they purchase. However, that product never reaches its place, ending up as an undelivered product scam. Multiple websites and social media handles are still tricking people using this technique. 


The increase in online dating websites and apps has led to a lack of accountability and security for users. Thus, the scammers take advantage of a convenient and approachable platform to make their ends meet. 


Can you differentiate between the real and fake identities of people online? Well, you can merely know what they show you. Therefore, it is almost impossible to identify the difference. Scammers make use of this opportunity and steal other people's identities: their pictures, personal description, and status - to misuse them and attract an audience. 


The opportunities for employment allure the majority of the audience. Thus, they even get convinced to invest as per the requirements of the job. Eventually, the scammers run away taking the investment money, leaving the victims bankrupt.


Social phishing is the trick of scammers to access the victim's personal information. Various websites have links that customers are unaware of, click and the malware virus gets downloaded into their gadgets. Additionally, there are different advertisements for gifts and discounts which also result in the same scam, accessing people’s personal information. Later, they blackmail the victims to get involved in illicit activities.

Stay informed about the ongoings of scams to ensure that you are protected from them. Get your hands on the latest informational materials about scams from the Claimers - they always know what is going on thanks to their hands-on investigative team! 

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