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Receive SMS Online with an Extra Number

Have you ever wondered how can big corporations lead their businesses having only those 3 numbers pointed on their websites? That must be a lot of traffic! Besides, there’s one more situation you can be familiar with, namely, the request to point out the phone number when you sign up at a particular Internet resource. What these two cases have in common is the online number.

Online Number for Personal Security

Receive SMS Online

An online phone number is basically a doppelganger to your original one. It functions by receiving calls and messages and saving the history online at the database. Such a solution is efficient, first of all, because of safety means. Unless the application or website crucially needs your direct contact information, providing the personal phone number isn’t only signing up for a pile of annoying messages and spam. It is also dangerous from a security point of view. A contact phone is a pillar step to your identity. Thus, one shouldn’t neglect its privacy as having it would mean achieving much easier access to your other personal data such as passwords, credit card info, etc.

Online Number for Corporate Connection

Receive SMS Online

Another moment when receiving SMS online via a new number can be beneficial is during developing a corporate phone network. Specifically, it’s helpful in cases when the brand hires remote workers, the landline telephone can’t be connected, or there’s a need to preserve corporate numbers in the process of moving. All messages received by it are immediately forwarded to the e-mail address or cell phone number specified in the configurations. The Hottelecom SMS number facilitates SMS communications without the use of a cell phone, meaning that the service is accessible everywhere in the world with Internet connectivity. The provision of a reliable Internet network is the most significant aspect in the operation of this service, which is not dependent on mobile coverage. 

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