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Reasons Why Web Developer Is a Stressful Job

Web Developer a Stressful Job

A web developer is one of the most stressful job titles out there. That's because it's an extremely technical field that requires a lot of memorization, a great understanding of computer languages, and patience beyond belief. Web developers spend hours learning new programming languages and operating systems to ensure they can properly build websites for their clients. Most web developers work sixty-hour weeks so that when deadlines loom near, they've got all the knowledge necessary to finish their project within the time frame allotted.

1. Programmers work in a world that is constantly changing.

The world of programming is always changing. Web developers are currently developing around 97% of websites on the internet. Around 97% of web developers must learn new languages and platforms regularly. Web developers will help with programming homework for students in academies, colleges, and universities. Many web developers work for a design firm.

2. Web developer gets paid by the hour.

Many companies will pay their web developers per hour worked. This means that if a project takes you five hours to finish, you get paid the same as if it took one whole day! As such, most marketing campaigns will be completed at the last minute to make time for themselves to get more work done.

3. The business environment is volatile.

Due to the fast-paced nature of web development, businesses are constantly seeking bright young web developers to help them out. As such, more and more employers are looking for better workers with the experience and knowledge to do an almost faultless job. As web development is a very cut-throat industry, a high level of competition can be expected to occur.

4. Web developer is busy all year round.

From studying a different language, operating systems, and websites to going on holidays or having a life outside of business meetings, web developers must constantly keep their hands on everything that needs doing for each project. Many web developers will be required to work overtime and on weekends to ensure the project gets completed without any delays.

5. There's no time for a social life.

Because they're constantly worried about their jobs, most web developers live their lives in a zombie-like state, working all hours and then coming back home to sleep. Due to their lack of social skills, computer knowledge, and arrogance, they're rarely seen at parties and public outings. Most web developers don't even have time to go out for lunch because they're too busy working on their projects.

6. The job market is constantly changing.

As technology improves, so do the skills of web developers. For this reason, a new type of computer expert has slowly been taking over the industry. Web developers are no longer just people who know how to create websites; they're now being taught how to program computers and make them operate in a way that's not yet thought of.


Web developers are often looked upon as lazy people sitting in front of a computer all day long with their feet up. Rest assured that this couldn't be further from the truth. Web development is a job that requires constant learning and research. If you're looking for a job title that requires little work but lots of money, web development isn't the field for you.

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