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7 Reasons to Use Cloud Mobile Apps

Cloud Mobile Apps

By Happy Patel

Cloud computing has created a buzz in the Information Technology world. In the vast ocean of cloud computing, mobile apps are the steady sailing boats that help you with an uninterrupted smooth journey.

Mobile applications with the cloud have brought up a revolutionary phase in the process of development of mobile phones. It is none other than the mobile apps that utilize cloud technology effectively. With the advancement of cloud mobile apps, a profound transformation is observed in the process of the business operation carried out by the companies. It is cloud computing that has enhanced the security levels of data as well as made it easier to access.

7 Reasons to Use Cloud Mobile Apps

Are you also planning to build a cloud mobile app but looking for at least one reason to boost your thought? Why one? When there are many on the list! Here are seven reasons that would encourage you towards using cloud mobile apps.

1. Effective Integration
Compared to other apps, cloud mobile apps are quite fluid. No matter what cell phone you consider, cloud mobile app comes with an equal and smooth impact on any mobile phone. Cloud comes with some integral properties, which are helpful for the customer as well as the developer. It eliminates the confusion of the developer regarding the design limitations and the switching of devices too.

A cloud app also integrates the entire system of data management. Whether you are looking for an official application or a simple one, data integration helps in simplifying various issues regarding the utilization and the assessment of the data. Hence, the mobile apps with cloud integration eliminate all the dilemmas or difficulties that one might have to face in building a native app.

2. Reduces Costs
When it comes to startups and entrepreneurial businesses, the cost is something that matters the most. On analyzing various parameters that are considered for the development of a mobile app, it is observed that the platform designed for the app is much domineering.

When it comes to hosting applications on the platform of cloud, it would be much more cost-effective compared to hosting an application on the iOS platform or the Android platform. Again, determining cost when the same process is carried out with the Windows platform would be different from the Android and iOS platforms. Hence, the native applications leave a heavy responsibility on the development team by duplicating the same features and utility on other platforms. But coming to cloud mobile apps, it is much more cost-effective as you would have to develop it once, and it would work on multiple platforms.

3. Zero Installation
You might have used native apps. What is the process of using it? The native apps include a hectic process of downloading and then installing the apps on mobile phones. Again, for the device you are using cloud with, the various updates regarding its versions, add to its uniqueness.

Unlike other mobile applications, the apps based on cloud don't need any installation or even downloading for the users to work on. All the users need to do is check out the interface and use it on any mobile browser. The cloud apps function similarly to web-based apps that directly interact with data fetched by the cloud. Hence, the application works smoothly providing the user with an enhanced experience.

4. Time saver
Do you know the exact time consumed for building an application? There is no particular figure for clarification, but app-building surely is time-consuming. Various factors need to be considered at the time of building an app. Considering the native apps, the development is quite a prolonged process. Adding complex features to the app, designing it, etc. makes the development process long, extending it from around 6 – 12 months. Luckily, when you are talking about cloud mobile app development, the process becomes a time saver. The building of the app is less time consuming compared to the native apps. Again, with the cloud, you don't have to go through any revision or recheck the app twice, which saves time.

5. Works on multiple platforms
This is considered to be one of the top benefits of going with cloud mobile apps. Be it an Android platform or the iOS one, with the help of cloud computing, you can easily expose the app to an extensive database of users considering both the platforms at once.

It was with the native mobile apps you had to choose between iOS or Android. Cloud computing provides you with various features that can be used easily on both platforms with equal impact. The reason behind this is that the developer of the cloud mobile app can launch the app on both platforms in unison.

6. Safety and Security of the Data
Does your mobile app asks you to download the data and store it every time? This issue of storing and downloading can be resolved simply by using cloud mobile applications. Again, while doing so, you don't have to worry about your data being lost, misused or app malfunctioning.

With cloud, you can access the data directly without looking at any security issues. This has proved to be helpful for businessmen who are quite worried about the security of the data or information of their customers. All the data stored with the cloud is quite safe and secure.

Cloud Mobile Apps

7. Quick and Easy Data Recovery
When using the native application, the data gets stored in the local server. Hence, when there are issues with the server like it fails to work or gets down, and the recovery of the same fails, the data stored therein is also lost permanently. This proves to be a significant loss for the company and the users as well.

But when cloud computing hosts the mobile app, the data is not only secure but also easy to recover with data recovery services. The data with the cloud gets stored on multiple servers.

Cloud Mobile Apps

Hence, when any failure is observed, the lost data can quickly be recovered. If one server is facing malfunctioning, the other servers would keep your data safe and would also help in improving the same too.

Henceforth, it can be concluded that the businesses who are in search of app development that is easy to operate, safe and cost-effective too, cloud computing is the choice to go with. The main features that have helped cloud rank in the race of mobile computing apps are the security levels, efficiency, and speed it works with.

Happy PatelAbout the Author:
Author Bio: Happy Patel is a digital marketing executive at Space-O technologies, an iPhone app development company. She loves to write informative articles and share her knowledge through content marketing. She is an avid reader and likes to read about the latest trends and news in the mobile app industry.
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