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The Top Five Reasons for Opting in
for Google Calendar

Do you want to keep your work well-managed? If yes, chances are you search for the best apps and tools with reminders and applications. Each of them has its advantages. People have found Google Calendar immensely helpful. It has helped them to plan their work and personal lives better.

If you haven’t used it yet, it’s time to try out Google Calendar for multiple reasons. Some of the best reasons are as follows:

1. You get to unite multiple calendars in a single place

Google Calendar is slightly different as compared to other calendar tools or apps. Here you can have different calendars for business, personal work, holidays, and many more. You can also customize the calendar color, which helps you check everything in the Master Calendar. For instance, for business activities, you can use blue color and for holidays purple color. It also allows you to switch off/on the individual calendars. So, when you are working, you can only keep the work calendar on, which helps you to check all the business events, seminars, workshops, meetings, and the like. 

2. You can share the calendars with others

The tool enables you to share the calendar with other Google users. Are you planning to collaborate with your team for an ongoing project? Google Calendar will prove to be a useful tool. It will allow all the members to know when the other members are busy. It will enable you to add the meeting location for directing everyone. Here you can create the permission levels for each person for managing the amount of power you provide to each person. You can give them complete access to edit event details on one calendar. Alternatively, you can allow them to check the events but not make any changes.

3. You can load the public calendars

Google Calendar has a vast calendar database in which users can subscribe to their calendar. You can add all the U.S holidays to your calendar and other pre-populated calendars for free. It enables you to streamline work and personal life better.

4. You can sync it with your Smartphone

Syncing the Google Calendar with your phone makes life easy! It enables you to schedule all your events and meetings from any time zone. You don't even need to get logged into your computer for this. Google makes an Android OS (operating system) for Smartphone devices. Hence, the moment you add the Google login details, the calendar gets synced automatically. You can sync it with iPhone and BlackBerry as well.

5. Integrate with Gmail

Google has successfully integrated Google Calendar and Gmail, enabling you to set-up events on the calendar, through the email. Also, Google scans through all the email ids. Just in case it comes across time and date, it provides an opinion on the screen's right side to add events to the calendar. As you do this, the email text will gradually get copied in the description space for a new Google Calendar entry as an event. 

These are the five essential reasons for which you should use Google Calendar for work and personal planning.

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