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7 Reasons to Choose Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access

When we mention the term' internet,' we simply don't refer to the type of connection but typically the reliability, speed, scalability, and security. Still, the losses in money and time a business can bear due to bad internet is inevitable. That's why many organizations increasingly opt for dedicated internet access, DIA, instead of the commonly shared internet that doesn't guarantee connection quality.

As the name suggests, DIA is simply an internet connection dedicated to your company and shouldn't be shared with private users or other businesses. Due to this, it comes with low latency, consistent performance, reliability, speed connectivity, and better throughput.

This article will cover some of the reasons to choose dedicated internet access.

1. It Results to Improved Network Security

Cybersecurity is a top priority when dealing with sensitive data such as clients' or employees' personal details. Still, cybersecurity is an integral feature of your company's financial security. Often, shared networks can leak private information, leading to cybersecurity threats.

However, with Dedicated Internet Access DIA, your internet connection will not go beyond your organization, ultimately strengthening and mitigating cybersecurity risks. Furthermore, some internet providers add firewall options to your package to block intrusions, viruses, and malicious codes.

Still, the feature allows you to identify malware, phishing scams, and spam, neutralizing any threats that can interrupt your operations.

2. Better Throughput

Isn't it annoying testing internet speed only to find that the bandwidth is high, yet the speed is considerably low? This could be a technical throughput, a common problem with shared networks.

And definitely, this is the major thing that differentiates shared internet from dedicated internet access. The bandwidth in shared internet is often untrue with the actual circuit throughput. So, when the traffic hits, the internet moves, but the bandwidth won't allow it.

However, with dedicated internet access, customers are kept under a subscription and a high-capacity backbone network. This makes it faster and inexpensive in the long run.

3. It Allows Steadfast Connection

Dedicated Internet Access

In a digital space where you could lose 7% conversions for every second your page takes a long time to load, internet speed matters. And considerably, the shared connection can often fluctuate, primarily during network congestion. This is because the bandwidth is overstretched, lowering the strength of the overall connectivity. But with DIA, if you purchase 15 Gbps, you'll enjoy 15 Gbps benefits without a compromise.

This is especially true for businesses that use video conferencing, collaboration software, or unified communications as the primary means of communication. Or for companies with remote workers and branch offices requiring efficient connection.

4. It Leads to Increased Productivity

Dedicated Internet Access

DIA comes to take the burden of daily network management off your shoulders. Unlike shared connection, dedicated internet access doesn't require frequent fixes and adjustments unless there is a significant hitch, often with the network source.

Typically, this allows your IT experts to concentrate on other beneficial projects that can grow your company. Still, a speedy internet connection will enable them to perform tasks more effectively.

In addition, DIA enhances employee morale due to the uninterrupted flow of events within the organization. Besides, it reduces the chances for job stress, a problem that often results after exposing employees to stressful working conditions that influence worker health, safety, and ability to perform.

And as you'd agree, an unhappy worker translates to low production and customer dissatisfaction.

5. It has a Dedicated Customer Service

It's uncommon to experience technical challenges with DIA. However, when it happens, the support system can fix it even before you notice. More problems are fixed before they start, enabling you to remain ahead of your processes constantly.

Moreover, when there's scheduled maintenance, a service level agreement will be sent in advance indicating the uptime speed, average maintenance time, technical support, and more.

6. Promotes Scalability

Scalability is another unmatched reason to deploy DIA in your organization. Typically, it allows you to customize your connectivity depending on your current needs. When you require a low-capacity internet connection, that is what you get, and vice versa. Still, that means you'll pay for the bandwidth you use anytime.

More specifically, scalability is an integral feature of sprouting businesses that are unaware of the average bandwidth they require. Furthermore, dedicated internet access is your real deal if seasonal variations and unpredictable recessions and booms define your business. You'll typically decrease the bandwidth during the recession and increase the boom period.

7. Unparalleled Reliability

The fact that you aren't sharing your connection with the public ensures that you remain consistent with your processes. Whether you're transferring large files or running bandwidth-intensive applications, DIA provides a reliable and stable connection. This minimizes downtime while maximizing productivity.


Having an internet connection is not the only thing you need. You must be sure it's fast, reliable, scalable, and secure. In the corporate world, where you have to be timely and efficient in connecting with clients, business partners, and customers, dedicated internet access, DIA is the way to go.

It directly influences operational agility, customer satisfaction, productivity, and overall organization success. Connect with a fulfilling dedicated internet access provider today.

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