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5 Reasons to Earn CCNA Certification. How Practice Tests Can Help You Ace Its Cisco 200-301 Exam

Cisco is a popular certification provider, it offers lots of credentials that have gained wide recognition. Among the most popular certifications issued by this vendor are the CCNA, CCNP Enterprise, DevNet Associate, CCIE Collaborationand many other badges for specialists of different levels. And having any of these credentials will present you to any employer as highly-skilled networking professional. This will not only increase your chances of getting hired but also make you eligible for better salaries and promotions.

In this post, we will be talking to you about the Cisco CCNA 200-301 Practice Test and exam and leave it up to you to decide if the perks it brings are worth your time and money.

5 Reasons to Earn CCNA Certification

The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) badge is an associate-level credential offered by Cisco. It is a great kick start for a career in the IT-sphere as it gives you solid fundamental knowledge in networking technologies as well as security. Having CCNA in your CV can give you access to many career-oriented benefits like:

  1. More choices
    The CCNA certification provides you with a set of basic skills that make you competent for a wide range of jobs. Some of them are Network Technician, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Network Security Analyst, etc. Such a range of available positions brings you more job security and chances to find a vacancy you are the most suitable for.
  2. Better chances
    Thanks to Cisco's popularity and quality, their certifications are recognized and accepted in organizations all around the world and the CCNA 200-301 Practice Test badge is not an exception. This is why you will have a better chance of standing out at interviews and getting hired.
  3. Higher salaries
    Having more qualifications automatically gives you the ability to work more productively thereby providing a better service. When this is brought to the employer's attention, it persuades them to give you a pay raise. As noted on the website, CCNA certified professionals can earn $78k on average per year.
  4. Promotions
    Promotions are the next best thing to getting hired. To become promoted, you have to gain the skills required to function in the position you want to get upgraded to and also provide proof for it. The CCNA certification can do that for you.
  5. Job security
    To ensure job security in a dynamic field like IT, you have to constantly be up-to-date with the latest technologies. The CCNA credential helps you with that as Cisco always updates their syllabi and offers you the recertification option to always stay on par with networking innovations.

The best thing about this badge is that everything you need to do to earn it is to pass a single exam 200-301 by code. However, you should know some details to ace it with no struggle, so let's find out more about this test.

200-301 CCNA Exam Overview

200-301 is a 120-minute assessment that will question you on the following topics:

  • Network fundamentals (20%)
  • Network access (20%)
  • IP connectivity (25%)
  • IP services (10%)
  • Security fundamentals (15%)
  • Automation and programmability (10%)

The number of items per topic will vary according to the percentages given within brackets. However, they will not be limited to those objectives. So make sure you don't stick too much to them and broaden your range of study.

You can schedule your exam by logging into your Pearson VUE account, selecting Proctored Exams, entering your exam code, and going along with the steps that follow. Then, you face the most critical and difficult part — the preparation process. Further, you’ll find five tips to make your certification journey easier.

Preparing for Your Cisco 200-301 CCNA Exam

Preparing for a test means just learning the syllabus, right? Nope! While that is a big part of it, there's a lot more to do to become completely ready. So here’s how you should, as most successful students do, studyfor 200-301 CCNA exam:

  • Follow a training course
    Cisco offers an official training for 200-301 exam. It covers the network, security, and automation technologies at a foundational level. Enrolling in this course is the first thing most students do as you can use it as a guideline for preparation rather than going all over the place.
  • Refer external resources
    As we said earlier, an official course is certainly not enough to pass the exam. You have to do a bit more self-study as well. You can read books and watch videos to understand concepts that you didn't understand through the training. Also, using other materials will help to look at the topics from the different angles which will be highly beneficial for your grasp of these objectives.
  • Get hands-on experience
    Getting hands-on experience is a good way to get a clear understanding of what you learn. When you use the theory you’ve studied, you will get to see all the problems that may occur when implementing it for solving real-world issues and find the right solutions which will increase your networking proficiency.
  • Summarize
    Having a summary note is a good way to remember the most important points. You can also use it for a last-minute revision before the exam. When reviewing what you learned, try not to write chunks of texts because that will make it hard for you to find what you want later on. It's much better if you can use diagrams and pictures as well as short notes.
  • Do practice tests
    Doing practice tests is the ultimate way to prepare for an exam. To get the most reliable ones you can visit Certbolt. On this platform, you can practice with their free vce files to discern the types of questions you may get on the main test get and check your competence. Certbolt also offers a Premium Bundle for 200-301 exam that contains 102 questions and answers, 235 video lectures, and a study guide. You can purchase all that for just $39.97! Moreover, the vce format of Certbolt’s mock tests gives you an opportunity to train in the simulation of the testing environment through the VCE Player.


Getting yourself Cisco CCNA certified is the best way to advance your IT career. You can become a pro in foundational networking, security, and automation by passing its required 200-301 exam, and practice tests as well as other recommended resources will help you prepare for it the right way. Consider all the benefits you can get and make your decision — the great networking career is waiting for you!

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