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Top 10 ReactJS Component Libraries in 2021

When it comes to building sophisticated, dynamic, and smooth SPAs (single-page apps), ReactJS stood out as the cherry-picked choice among the community of developers. What makes ReactJS the most suitable option? Why hire react js developers in boom ?Are these questions that keep popping up in your head?

Its enormous popularity, intriguing features, and, of course, component libraries are the answer because they all make the development process faster, easier, and more fluid. Developers have modified the way they produce apps in response to changes in technology, customer demand, and, of course, app development concepts. They are no longer limited to using a few component libraries; instead, they have begun to provide UI libraries with bespoke components to make apps more interactive and smooth.

However, not all ReactJS component libraries are created equal. Only a few of them contribute significantly to progress. This is why we've compiled a list of the top ten libraries to learn and utilize in 2021.

Let’s get started.

  1. React Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the first and one of the best ReactJS component libraries. It facilitates the use of responsive web components by developers.


React Bootstrap has become one of the most excellent React component libraries, with over 153k stars, 21,188 commits, and 74.7k forks on GitHub. It totally replaces bootstrap JavaScript with React. Each component is built in the form of a React component, which implies that jQuery and other undesirable libraries are no longer present.

As one of the oldest libraries, it has undergone significant changes. When using this library for your next web app development project, you'll get a lot of help from the React community.

To use this library, go to npm packages:

  1. Material UI

Material UI is another excellent ReactJS component library to consider in 2021. This library contains fantastic material design elements that you can use in any React project with ease.

Material UI

On GitHub, it has over 71k stars, 17 960 commits, and 23.9k forks. There are no problems if you aren't much of a designer. Material UI provides a variety of themes that you can choose wisely for your website. There is a lot of documentation, so you can always locate what you need if you get stuck somewhere.

To use this library, go to npm packages:

  1. React Router

The declarative programming model of React is perfect. It's a good idea to have specific components that you can combine declaratively in your React app if you're developing an app with React. A React router is a group of components like this.

React Router

Being one of the best component libraries, it makes navigating a single-page project a breeze for the developer. In addition, the library provides a smooth screen-to-screen transition, realistic nesting support, and server-side rendering. On Github, it has 44k stars, 4605 commits, and 8.5k forks, indicating its popularity.

To use this library, go to npm packages:

  1. React Motion

If you're looking for a simple way to animate components in React, our next component library is ideal. Yes, React Motion is one of the most useful React component libraries for making realistic animations.

To do so, simply enter dampness and stiffness values in one of the exported components. The library will take care of the rest by providing an infinite number of animation options. The most admirable aspect is that you won't have to worry about animations being disrupted. To a large extent, the API becomes streamlined.

On GitHub, React Motion has over 20.1k stars, 1.1k forks, and 809 commits. The documentation is simple to understand and navigate, and it includes the source code for all of the programs.

To use this library, go to npm packages:

  1. Redux

Redux is the first state management library that comes to mind when we think of state management libraries. It can be used with Angular, Vue, Ember, and other JS frameworks, while it is designed to interact with React UI library components.


With 56.7k GitHub stars, 14.9k forks, and 3383 commits, Redux is also one of the top component libraries. Redux makes it easier to connect React components to the state by eliminating the requirement for props or callbacks. It is also called developer's best friend. It helps in the creation of consistent code and is ecologically friendly. You can also make changes to the code while the app is running.

To use this library, go to npm packages:

  1. React virtualized

React virtualized is another fantastic component library to explore in 2021. This is one of the greatest React grid libraries for focusing on specific areas of a user interface.

React virtualized

React Virtualized, which has 22.5k GitHub stars and 2.8k forks, was created with a single objective in mind: to render tables and lists effectively on your page. You might believe that rendering a table isn't as complex as it appears. When your table has millions of elements, it is. This is an unusual situation that the library is attempting to address.

In addition, it also allows web developers to include a window scroller, arrow key stepper, endless loader, and cell measurer-like robust features in their interfaces using JavaScript.

To use this library, go to npm packages:

  1. React Semantic UI

Don't you believe there should be a customized version of Bootstrap made by combining React with Semantic UI? Semantic UI React, another excellent component library, is the perfect example to demonstrate it. Because React uses a virtual DOM (Document Object Model), it is undesirable to keep a library that manipulates the DOM.

React Semantic UI

Image source

It has 12.4k stars on GitHub and has 3.7k forks. There is no scarcity of customizable aspects, allowing you to express yourself freely. You can quickly build gorgeous and responsive web designs using syntactically and cohesive code. Notwithstanding all of its ultimate features, if you don't have any hands-on expertise, you won't use it effectively.

To use this library, go to npm packages:

  1. React Hook Form

React Hook Form is another excellent component library that we would like to include in our list. The library React Hook Form is used with the React hooks APIs, as the name implies. But what does it do? The library integrates the user interface with existing HTML standards, making form validation easy.

React Hook Form

This library has achieved so much fame and popularity in the ReactJS web app development galaxy, with over 23.1k stars, 2847 commits, and 1.1k forks on GitHub. There are usually some native HTML inputs and an unlimited number of components. They are brought along by the library.

It was developed with Typescript and facilitates the creation of a form data type that supports form values. Your form will become error-free due to using this library, and the rendering time will be drastically reduced. There's even more. It can be used in conjunction with React's state management libraries. That’s nice about this library.

To use this library, go to npm packages:

  1. Rebass

Web development has changed significantly in tandem with technological advancements. The requirement for grid libraries has evolved as a need, from the tedious work of customizing CSS and HTML to dynamic components where styling is auto-generated with libraries.

That's why we've decided to help you with a fantastic grid library that you'll need in 2021. Rebass is what you're looking for. It provides UI components, allowing the developer to concentrate solely on the development of the page. Rebass also features a theme provider that enables developers to install themes that enhance the user experience.


The library is very flexible. On GitHub, it has over 7.5k stars and 616 forks. Developers become familiar with the codes and syntaxes rapidly. The exciting thing about this library is it can also work with other libraries to boost the performance of your web project. So, based on your app’s performance needs, you can use it with any library.

To use this library, go to npm packages:

  1. Ant Design

It's time to talk about Ant Design, the last but most fantastic React component library! This library includes many high-quality components and prototypes for designing rich, dynamic, intuitive, and engaging user interfaces. It has internationalisation for many languages and uses Less.js for styling components.

Ant Design

It also allows for customization, such as buttons, icons, breadcrumbs, grids, dropdowns, and pagination. Furthermore, it provides a mobile-friendly version for developing mobile applications. It has 74.4k stars and 30.2k forks on Github, according to its usage and popularity. If you want to build an app with engaging user interfaces, Ant Design is the best choice.

To use this library, go to npm packages:

Wrapping Remarks

There are numerous ReactJS component libraries available on the market. It is critical to select the one that can make a significant difference in your project.This is why it's important to make a more informed decision based on all of your project's crucial elements. When you're in a hurry to get something, make sure you don't lose something. Consider your options carefully before selecting a component library. Rest assured, we hope you found this article informative and interesting.

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