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How to Reach a Broader Audience with GDN

Imagine having ten customers on an online platform, and you wake up one day, and it has multiplied by thousands. Well, what if I told you this is little compared to what GDN (Google Display Network) has to offer your online business.

How Does Google Display Network Work

GDN helps you to advertise your brand using strategic digital platforms. Your ads can be displayed on a network of devices, apps, and websites. Google display does not only get your ad on multiple platforms. It uses unique targeting analytics and algorithms to display your ad on platforms related to what you do or in your specific niche. This gets you increased visibility and engagement with your ads.

Why Should You Use Google Display Network

GDN is the perfect way to catch your target audience/market while they are very active on digital platforms. You can use links, images, and SEO texts to build a better marketing network for yourself with an increased reach on digital platforms.

GDN has a target reach of 90% of all internet users. While many platforms offer services like GDN, none has the range of analytics to reach even close to what GDN has to offer. This means that with GDN, your target audience is increased.

GDN gives you access to over 2 million websites and more than a quarter of that for apps.

How GDN Can Help You Reach a Broader Audience

  • GDN Remarketing

Do you own an online business? Do you already have a cluster of clients, no matter how small? Regardless of how loyal they are, it would be best if you used the remarketing strategy. The remarketing strategy means getting your products and services in front of your target over and again. This increases the chances of them becoming your loyal customers. With GDN, you can study your customers' online behaviors, the sites they visit, and the platforms they use often. You can go ahead to advertise your business on these sites, networks, and platforms.

There is also a bonus. GDN gives you the opportunity of reaching people with the same online behaviors as your customers. People with the same practices are more likely to like the same product. GDN use your little online audience to lock into millions.

  • Effectively Utilize Managed Placements

If there is one treasure to business owners in the online world, it is analytics, data, and insights, and this is what GDN has to offer. Any marketing strategy or initiative can only become successful with the right data and insights. GDN gives you the front seat control on the data and insights to manage your displayed ads. With the correct information and analytics, you are opened to a broader range of opportunities to lock in on a more general audience. If your online business is about health and nutrition, you can use GDN managed placements to get your ads on health blogs, food blogs, and other related sites with steady traffic.

  • Plan Your Layers

Layering is a term significant to business owners in digital marketing. It can make a huge difference in your brand reach, depending on how soon and how well it is done. Layering depends wholly on data and information. You should confirm these figures and data before relying on it. Try running one or two campaigns to earn your clicks and possibly even conversions. After that, use the data gotten to structure your entire layering process.

  • Create Flexible Ads

GDN gets you a wider reach, but you are wholly responsible for how your ads look at the ad space given to you. It would be best to create your ads in multiple formats to suit different ad spaces and sections. An advertising space too big or too small for your ad would only defeat the purpose. Create ads in different fonts and sizes to meet a variable style of ad spaces on various sites.

It would be best if you also paid close attention to your ad format. Websites accept different ad formats. Wrong formatting on a website would only show a blank space with an "X" sign on top of it. This ruins your chances at a broader reach and is also a waste of money.

  • Use Concise and Straight Forward Ads

Imagine talking to a client physically about your business; it is conversational. The same goes for your ad. Using concise and straight forward ads work well on online platforms. It makes it easier for GDN to place your ads on strategic sites, but it also makes your target audience interested in your ad. A concise and straightforward is much more effective because it is easy to understand. Make it visible to your target audience that you are there just for them. Ads that are more straightforward and concise are better understood and viewed positively than others by your target market.

  • Always Test Run Your GDN Ads

Like any regular gadget or a new product/service, no matter how good it is, it is still imperative to test it out. Testing your ads helps you get rid of possible glitches and issues your target audience might meet when trying to engage with your ad or convert directly from a visitor to a customer. Testing your ads also opens you to valuable data, insights, and information on what works and doesn't.

However, many things can go wrong in between if you do not make your ad correctly. Consider doing a few research in your niche. Consult a few experts like Brisbane SEO to analyze and select the best keywords for your site, design user-friendly banners, and prepare yourself for the positive impacts your broad reach will have on your business.


As the digital world continues to advance, companies are looking for ways to strengthen their business in the online world. As a business owner, you need to build your digital presence and expand it as well. Any business with a broader reach or audience has a higher possibility of increased sales, one you can achieve with the Google Display Network.

GDN is guaranteed to get you unimaginable visibility all over the online platform. They also help strategic targeting and marketing, offering you everything you need to attain a broader audience.

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