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How to Quickly Grow Your Instagram Followers

Interesting texts and attractive visuals are the basis for developing a business account or blog on a social network. However, this is not enough to attract a large number of followers. In a highly competitive environment, it is important to use the maximum available promotion methods: cheat, giveaway, contests, hashtags and geotags, advertising from bloggers, targeting, and to buy followers as well.

In today's article, we'll take a look at all the options available for collecting Instagram followers. Thanks to our advice, you can quickly and easily upgrade your page. After reading this article, you will be able to promote your social media handles dramatically on Instagram, and to find the best sites to get free Instagram followers.

6 effective ways to get followers on Instagram

Do you want to draw users' attention to your profile? Then be sure to read on!

1. Target hashtags and geotags

If used correctly, you can bring a post to the TOP and attract many new free followers.

Hashtag recommendations:

  • Post only relevant tags that match the meaning of your content.
  • While you can add up to 30 tags per post, most marketers recommend sticking to 5-10.
  • Do not repeat the same hashtags every time - the system will consider it spam and you will get a shadow ban.
  • Pay attention to the frequency of hashtags. Use high-frequency, mid-frequency and low-frequency tags in your posts. The latter should be the most - about 40%.
  • Don't forget to add your navigation and brand hashtags. The first ones are intended for creating headings, the second ones - for holding promotions and contests.
  • Collect suitable tags in a table. Then add them to posts and track statistics. After the audit, replace the failed hashtags with new ones.
  • As for geolocation, thanks to it, you can reach a local audience. It is enough to indicate your city or the nearest landmark - and your entry will be displayed in the search results for this geotag. Geotags are required to attract potential customers to a local business: coffee shop, beauty salon, pizzeria.

2. Giveaway participation

Give is a raffle of gifts among participants who must subscribe to sponsor accounts and fulfill other conditions. This is a good way to quickly grow your subscriber base, but there are some nuances. First, you will need financial investments in a worthy prize that Instagram users will like. Secondly, you need to choose a trustworthy blogger in terms of subject matter and target audience. Thirdly, be prepared for the fact that after the giveaway, most of the new subscribers will unsubscribe from you. After all, they were originally interested in the gift, and not in your account.

To minimize audience churn, you should design your profile header beautifully in advance, register your unique selling proposition, and also publish several dozen catchy posts. After the giveaway is over, try to keep followers with interactive content and a new promotion / competition.

3. Sweepstakes and contests

The main difference from the previous promotion method is that you play by your own rules. In this case, the profile will not be lost among other sponsors, but the whole organization will fall on your shoulders.

A step-by-step plan for launching an effective promotion.

  1. Select the type of competition. At the initial stage, a simple rally with simple conditions will work best: subscribe to an account, mark a friend, make a repost. These user actions will help you grow your Instagram follower base.
  2. Decide on a present. The ideal option is a narrowly targeted prize that your target audience needs. It's good if the prize is related to your topic / company.
  3. Start the giveaway by posting a post with conditions for participation, timing and description of the gift.
  4. Choose the winner live using a special service. Remember to save the video to IGTV as proof of your honesty.
  5. Congratulate the winner in the story and send him a gift. Ask for feedback - this will help increase audience loyalty and attract the attention of new users.

4. Mass activities

Mass-following, mass-liking, and mass tagging in Stories are still working. The main thing is to convince the system that the actions are performed by a real person, as well as to adhere to the established limits.

The essence of mass activities is to attract their attention with their subscriptions to users and motivate them for a response. To save time and reduce the risk of blocking, we recommend setting up mass following in SocialKit. In it, you have the opportunity to automate actions by choosing the most suitable audience, setting timeouts and other restrictions.

5. Influencer advertising

Collaborating with bloggers and influencers is a simple and effective method of promotion on social networks. Especially if the advertisement looks like an unobtrusive recommendation of a media person and fits organically into his feed.

You can find a blogger yourself by searching for Instagram, following a competitor's followers, by catalogs and advertising exchanges. It is important not to be mistaken when choosing an authority for your target audience, to check the real indicators of his account. In addition, it is necessary to correctly draw up a technical task and control the entire process: from creating a creative to measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

6. Targeted advertising

We have already written about how to launch an Instagram ad campaign via Facebook. Here, a lot depends on the correct setting of the parameters so that the ad is shown exclusively to interested people. Otherwise, you will simply waste your budget.

An important advantage of targeting is its automation. It is enough to set up advertising once, and then only monitor the indicators taking into account analytics. You can test several creatives at the same time and disable ineffective ones.


The effectiveness of promotion methods depends on the specifics of your field of activity and the characteristics of the target audience. Make sure to keep this in mind in your marketing strategy. The best solution is to try different ways to increase the number of subscribers and give preference to the most effective ones.

With all this, do not forget about creating interesting posts on an ongoing basis. Your publications are obliged to grab readers, intrigue and make you want to get a new portion of content. For thorough preparation and systematization, draw up a content plan with the addition of a variety of formats: photos, videos, quizzes and games, educational, informational and entertaining texts.

We also recommend setting up deferred posting in SocialKit. This way, you can automatically publish content on a regular basis without being distracted by routine tasks.

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