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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an IT Company

Do you need IT to support services? If so, how often is your company in the market for new technology or updating existing systems? What are some of your most pressing concerns with current communications and data security practices at work (i.e., lost employee passwords)?

IT Services, Support & Consulting companies are there to assist businesses that require IT service. If you are one of the businesses that need to hire an IT company, you have to be very careful on where to get the service from as you would not want any error to work related to IT.

One thing you can do to ensure that you are doing the proper hiring process is asking questions. The more questions you ask, the closer you could get to hiring the best and most reliable IT company there is.

But of course, when asking questions, stay around with the most relevant ones as you do not want to waste the time of the IT company and yours as well.

Hiring an IT Company

To help you kick off with the right questions to ask, read below:

What if I am not satisfied with the service I received?

Even if you are working with the most trusted IT company, there is still a chance that glitches and issues may occur; hence knowing the action step you need to take if you are not satisfied with the service you receive is a must.

You would not like to be left hanging if some glitches and issues happen while using the site or CMS they created.

It would be nicer if the warranty of work must include the written agreement you will have with them, so you can go back to it and demand action in the event of a problem.

  • Can I ask for references?

Asking for references is another essential question to ask the IT company. Due to confidentiality, they may not be able to drop names and contact information of their current and previous clients, but needless to say, if they were able to provide you with a few, calling these references is highly recommended.

When you talk to any of the references they provided, make sure that you ask directly to the point questions. For sure, their current and previous clients are also running a business; hence wasting their time is not encouraged. Introduce yourself and the purpose of your call right away, so they won’t feel threatened.

  •  Who is my point of contact in case I decided to pursue my partnership with you?

Are they going to provide you with a point of contact if you decide on hiring their service? If so, will you be given time to talk to that person before you finally close the partnership?

What if you are not happy with the person they assigned to work with you? Can they replace it with someone else?

  • What is the payment method/options I have?

What payment method or options do they allow? Can you use the payment option you prefer? Do they require you to pay in full or only when the project completed and successful? 

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