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Make Your QR Codes a Vital Marketing Tool

You can separate Online and Offline experiences in 2021. Companies have already used QR codes on products, packaging, and marketing materials to bridge the gap.

However, we discovered that 80% of the companies only employ these little black-and-white squares at 10% of their potential.

QR codes are a potent engagement and retargeting tool and seamlessly combine the offline and online worlds. If you've been using QR codes for a while, this blog post will show you how to use a QR Code Generator (generator kodów qr) to quintuple your O2O (offline-to-online) conversions.

More innovative marketing with QR codes

Fortune 500 brands such as Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, and Puma have switched to Pageloot's QR to promote a comprehensive QR code marketing campaign for their customers.

If you want to maximize the potential of QR codes in your marketing strategy, learning how to make QR codes effectively is crucial. This blog post will guide you through the process of using a QR code generator, such as Pageloot's QR, to unlock the full power of these codes for offline-to-online conversions.

Here are a few factors why the Pageloot QR code platform is preferable to your present one:

#1. Scan to get access to web pages, PDFs, and images.

One of the most fundamental uses of a QR code is to connect consumers to a website, a PDF guide, or a social media platform. You can not only do these things using Pageloot, but you can also create QR codes that access the Appstore/Google Play or Google Maps.

#2. Initiate user action (phone call, text message, email) to generate leads.

Capture offline traffic to generate leads. Currently, when a customer leaves your store, you have no way of reaching out to them with other advertising. This is possible with Pageloot's QR codes. Allow customers to scan a QR code to make a phone call (or a missed call) send an auto-generated message or email.

#3. Update campaigns that are related to the QR code.

Pageloot enables dynamic QR codes, allowing businesses to rotate and adjust their linked campaigns. This brings up a plethora of opportunities for a brand.

  • A/B test campaigns to see which ones are more effective.
    Try out multiple campaigns for the specified period and choose the best one. Try a web page vs. a PDF, compare two web page versions, or compare two separate offers.
  • Deliver different campaigns on different days
    Change your campaigns based on the number of people who visit your business. Alternatively, you may swap campaigns during new product releases or notify customers about the picked product of the month!

#4. Review and improve campaigns

It's not always clear what information will be most attractive to a consumer. Experimenting with different campaigns using a dynamic QR code helps brands determine a strategy for positioning and using QR codes with a call-to-action next to them. This often doubles, if not triples, engagement with material things and locations.

With real-time performance reports for your QR code, you can see what's working and what isn't with the analytics engine. Use analytics to predict your consumers' location and activity to communicate with them effectively.

#5: Match QR codes to your branding.

QR codes are no longer limited to black and white. You can use a QR code Maker to create QR codes (kod qr) in your company's colors and logo. You can also change the shape of the QR Code. Different brands have successfully raised their scans by 4X using beautiful QR codes.

#6. Retarget clients who scan your QR codes online.

If you have a physical address, you know how difficult it is to attract customers to come in for the first time. What if they're not ready to buy when they first come across you? What if they didn't come back to your store? According to an internal survey, 83 percent of first-time users switch to a competitor brand.

Unless you bring them back.

This is where the QR code solution comes in. Retargeting consumers who scan QR codes are a new solid marketing channel that can help turn them into customers after they've left your store. These customers are retargeted with adverts on websites like Google and Facebook.

#7. An efficient and secure QR management system

As simple as creating QR Code campaigns, they may quickly go wrong when unlicensed, free third-party tools are thrown into the mix. Businesses can benefit from robust security standards and frameworks to create limitless secure and smooth campaigns. You can use the QR dashboard to redirect the URL to your preferred website or create another high-intent lead-generating landing page when a campaign ends.

The majority of brands use QR codes to ensure regulatory compliance. On the other hand, QR codes should be displayed prominently to support your marketing activities. You can redefine the capabilities of QR codes and create a QR code solution that can not only route offline traffic to online channels but also –

  • Get offline leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Test the efficiency of offline marketing.
  • Retarget offline customers and entice them to return to e-commerce or physical stores (similar to Google Adroll, but for the offline world!)
  • Get feedback when it matters most — when customers are using your products.
  • Create a rhythm for repeating orders.
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