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5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Music on SoundCloud

If you are passionate about pursuing your career in music, then you must know about SoundCloud. It is a Germany-based music-sharing website, established in 2008. Soon it became a well-recognized platform for online audio distribution where artists from all over the world share their music albums.

It is one of the largest music streaming platforms after Spotify having 175 million monthly users worldwide. Many famous artists have started their careers at SoundCloud. Chance the Rapper is the artist who gained fame when he uploaded his album "10 days" on SoundCloud. Grammys have also recognized the artists on SoundCloud.

But if you upload the music, cross your fingers, and wait to become famous overnight, that won't help. You have to follow some strategies to gain engagement on SoundCloud. If you are going to buy SoundCloud plays, it is of no use. The number of followers should increase organically.

1. Upload High-Quality Music

A piece of average music will not get plays, no matter how much effort you put in to promote it. If audiences don't like the music, they will skip. Your music also creates an impression on your audience, so make it of high quality. That is the harsh truth. 

People tend to notice the melody first and then the song. So, create a tune that has a lasting impression on people's minds. 

2. Setup and Customize Your SoundCloud Profile

Your profile is the first thing noticed by a potential follower. So, make it attractive and professional.

Your profile photo should be attractive. You can also take the help of photographers and graphic designers. Make sure to use the same picture on the other social media handles so that fans can find you anywhere.

You can use the cover photo of your latest album for the profile header image to keep your fans updated. You can also use the cover of your best album.

SoundCloud allows its users to attach the artwork to their songs. Make sure to make this artwork appealing and relevant to your music.

Go pro feature on SoundCloud makes your work easier. If you are serious about promoting your music here, make sure to get a go pro subscription. It allows you to monetize your creations, show analytics, and promote your music to all other platforms through a distribution deal.

3. Make Your Music Discoverable 

The crucial part of marketing is that you are easily discoverable on all platforms easily. Now the ‘discover’ tab is available on SoundCloud also. But there are few things that you should know to use this feature properly.

Correct genre tag is necessary as it will decide the place for your music on SoundCloud. Your track tags should be relevant. So, name your tracks accordingly. Make good use of description and get more likes and comments.

The metadata entered on your SoundCloud goes on other services like google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary for all platforms. Your music can also appear in the google search results. So, make your username and track name easy to discover. A username like 'lilartissy' is not going to drive traffic. It should be like 'Lil Artissy' for better search results

4. Build a Network on SoundCloud

Marketing and promotion are all about networking. Your focus shouldn't be only on your music. Interact with others, give them constructive criticism and repost if you like their music. You may get a chance to collaborate with them.

You can also join groups on SoundCloud and promote your music there. One of the best ways to gain engagement on SoundCloud is by recommendations. You can approach an established YouTube channel and offer your music for free. Don't expect them to do this for free. Ask to link back to your SoundCloud in the description. 

You can comment on your waveform now. You can comment about a particular track and why do you like it. 

Remixing the songs of fellow artists is a great way to connect with them. Make sure to get their approval before you upload the remix. If they like your music, you may have a chance to collaborate with them. Their followers may check you out after seeing the remix. 

Repost chains are one of the best features where you can network with like-minded artists. Whenever a member releases an album, all the other members repost it at the same time to get exposure. 

5. Promote Your Music on Other Platforms 

Don’t just depend on SoundCloud to promote your music. Make proper use of all social media platforms. 

You can upload a part of your track on your YouTube channel and add your SoundCloud link in the description. Here you can get many new viewers who can also follow you on SoundCloud. 

SoundCloud has enabled sharing on all social media handles. So, you can freely share your tracks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Don't forget that email is still the boss in marketing. Everyone has an email if they are artists, labels, promo channels, and repost channels. You can directly connect with them through email. Use the Hubspot extension to track email opens. Make your email to the point and send them your SoundCloud link. CCing a long list is not going to work every time. Send the emails one by one. If you don’t get the reply, you can connect them again after a week. 


No matter how great your music is. You will always need a proper marketing strategy for it to be successful. You will indeed need some money to promote your music. But these ways mentioned above are effective to a great extent.

Also, don’t just rely on SoundCloud for promotion. Make use of all the social networks you have. Let us know which strategy worked for you the most.

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