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Programmatic Advertising in the
World of Web Marketing

Advertising holds a significant role in influencing marketing strategies. So it is essential to ensure the effectivity of advertising by using it in the right way and targeting the right kind of audience. It has created its mark by targeting most of the budgets which were spent on programmatic advertising this year. It has the capability of bringing a change into the future of advertising through the web. Staying in the market is all about going with the trend and flow with a steady and full-proof strategy. Following up the programmatic advertising strategy is one of those steady strategies that is surely going to work. 

But the thing which is drawing the marketers back is the lack of proper knowledge about what is programmatic advertisingIt’s quite a bit tricky to understand what actually programmatic advertising is. This article discusses briefly, what is programmatic advertising, to give you an insight into the idea of this effective advertising strategy.

What is actual programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising has been defined as the automated buying and selling of the advertisings made online. In other words, it’s a process of showing a specific advertisement to its specific audience or customer based on the context. In this way, it becomes an effective way of capturing the attention of those customers who are looking for it. 

In the world of competition and the vast vista of multiple options of platforms for advertising often makes it confusing for the marketers to decide and choose the most effective platform. Programmatic advertising solves this problem by reaching out to targeted audiences and consumers. 

Also, programmatic advertising makes it more efficient and effective by opening up the opportunities by reaching out in multiple and all kinds of platforms of advertising.

How does it work?

It’s quite a bit and complex way in which the automated bidding of advertising process works in the programmatic advertising. But looking it from more depth makes it easier for you to understand the details about what is programmatic advertising? And the first step begins by knowing how it works.

It is already stated in the earlier paragraph that it works by targeting the right kind of audience and consumers. Programmatic advertising uses algorithms to get involved in the auctions while loading of the page. And the auction starts with the clicking of audiences on a web page.

With the clicking of the page, which is configured with space for programmatic advertising, the page publishers start putting up an ad impression in the ad market place to start an auction among the interested advertisers. More than one advertiser participates in the competition, and the ultimate winner wins by bidding the most by paying the maximum price for their advertisement. As the process is automated, it works within milliseconds with the loading of the page, and the advertisement shows up to the consumers with just one click on the page.

The automated system of programmatic advertising is also can be called as real-time advertising as it is an auction-based model. The advertisers use DSP (demand-side platform) to decide the impression and platform for the advertisements to spend on. And the publishers based on the SSP (supply-side platform) sells their ad place to the advertisers willing to reach to their customers. Both the platforms then use the real-time to match up.

Benefits of using programmatic advertising:

There are benefits of using programmatic advertising which makes it an effective marketing strategy.

  • Removal of guesswork: It helps in opening up the opportunities by working in the more effective and efficient way. It uses the data-driven-decisions for the buyers and sellers of advertisements to rely upon and helps in the removal of guesswork in the field of advertising by reaching out towards the targeted audiences.
  • Efficient in targeting: By reaching almost towards every possible platform, it attracts the consumers based on the choice of their clicking onto the webpage. Using the real-time method advertisers made it possible to reach out to the customers.
  • Campaign management is streamlined: Following up the campaign in multiple devices and platforms using the right kind of format ensures success.
  • Budget effective: By using the real-time method of advertising programmatic advertising lets the advertisers spend for the specified consumers. In this way, the targeting becomes more effective by spending on the specific target. This makes the process a budget-effective one.

Global acceptance of programmatic advertising:

As programmatic advertising removes the guesswork from the field of advertising, it becomes more efficient in targeting the audiences than the other methods of advertising. The consumer’s data gets more valued in this process, and the research work ensures success. 

The study on the programmatic advertising made by eMarketer shows that the contribution made by programmatic advertising in the digital advertising market was $25.48 billion in the year of 2016 which was at around $17.5 billion in the year of 2015. And by the year 2019, it has made a huge reach of $45.72 billion, which shows it’s growth within a short period of time and acceptance in a rapid way.

And the study made by the World Federation of Advertisers shows that the programmatic advertising method is quite popular in North America by making a contribution of 31% in the digital advertising market during 2017-2018. And the countries like Latin America and China are not so familiar with the programmatic marketing tactic has made a contribution of 20% in the digital advertising market, which is the consequence of the less knowledge about programmatic advertising among the marketers.


A strategy that allows the marketers and advertisers to spend for the targeted audiences only is all way beneficial for reaching out the goal of marketing. And the evolving method of marketing known as programmatic advertising makes is quite capable of increasing its effectiveness day by day, which indicates it to capable enough of becoming the future of advertising. It has the potential to reach out almost everywhere in every possible platform. Also, it doesn’t feel like stalking while web browsing made by consumers by clicking onto the web page. This makes it less prone to get blocked by the ad blockers. In this way, it attracts consumers and ensures success.

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