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How to Choose the Right Pricing Strategy
for Mobile App Project?

In the digital world, every business wants to get its dedicated app. However, a big challenge they face is deciding the right price for the app. Although the ail goal of an app is to offer value to its end-users, pricing the product appropriately is equally important and shouldn’t be overlooked. It should be determined carefully to create a scalable and profitable mobile app.

How you price your app decides its success when it comes to user retention and number of downloads. The pricing strategy of an app helps get the initial visibility and traction it needs in the app stores. Apps that are available for free or for a relatively low price get more market share while apps offers at a high price have an excellent potential to earn a good return on investment.

So, how should you price your app? You need to consider many factors when deciding the price for an app like, the app’s functionality, the value, the market, and the competition. So, here are some app pricing strategies that can be adopted in your app.

1. Human Psychology and Behavior

Human psychology is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to determining the app’s price. People keep up with the fast strides in the technology world. The rise of consumerism drives the scope of development and advancement. Consumers these days are well-informed and thus, they strive to make conscious decisions only.

Since, you can find at least ten similar products in the market for every product, how will you make sure that the customer chooses your product? You just need to make sure that the product’s perceived value is more than its price. So, when deciding on the app pricing strategy, you should consider all the other products in the market and categorize your value proportion to make sure that are providing more value than all your competitors.

2. Create a Product that Consumers Want

You should create a product with an intent to address consumers concerns and solve their problems. When you create something that people really want, it becomes simple to determine the price for it. Consider the factors that can improve your app’s value – a remarkable user journey, a glamorous design, or more. To decide on the app‘s pricing model, you should know its development cost, which includes the actual cost to make the app, value your app offers, and money needed to flourish it. It is equally important to have a sound knowledge about the latest market trends. Enhancing functionalities and launching new updates is the key if you opt for the penetrative pricing model.

3. Understand What Your App and The Targeted Audience Demand

You should know that one size does not fit all. It is not necessary that what worked for someone else, may work for you too. There may be new opportunities to tap into for start-ups. Think differently, be unconventional, and look for optional ways to make revenues.

4. Affordability

Other than offering the desired functions, the product should be affordable as well for your consumers. It is good to offer value for your clients at a decent cost. The pricing of an app should also consider your business sustainability.

5. What is the Market Ready to Pay?

The best mobile app pricing strategy must revolve around what is the market ready to pay. To determine this, you should test the app at different pricing levels and find out how your market responds. A app has a recurring stream of revenue. To remain competitive, the app developers in Canada should tap on new functionalities and provide updated regularly. It is important to see the recurring revenue models and leave worrying about the revenues for every price point.

More frequently, app development Alberta companies offer free apps to get a huge client base and earn revenues from advertisements. However, when you offer your users an upgraded app for a certain cost, you have devalued the product already and cannot sell it for a higher price as its perceived value is lower. Hence, the best approach is to first test your app at different price levels and find out how your market responds to it.

6. Robust Promotional Strategy

In the fast-paced world today, the reach and power of social media cannot be underestimated as it’s expanding every day. In this scenario, you should back your app pricing approach with a robust promotional approach. Having a complete understanding of the latest market trends with a perfect marketing strategy will help in getting maximum user acquisition. If you want to retain users for the long term, you should roll out enhancements in all quarters. You can also use the great social media power to make a buzz around your app and get initial traction. Never get fixated over the funnel. Look holistically at things. Curating rich and out-of-the-box content for different social media platforms guarantees that the words about your product reaches out more and get the utmost downloads.

7. Study the Competitive Landscape and the Market

The market-driven pricing strategy is an excellent approach to come at an optimal price point for the mobile app. Evaluating the user base and studying your competitive landscape can help you find the right opportunities and places where your competitors are lacking. Launching a product at a lower price than the competitors can offer you an edge in the market.

Knowing the market demands for an app and viewing them for the perspective of the users help a lot in determining the right price for the product. It is important to establish initially what makes the app special and how much value does the competition demands for your product.


To penetrate the ever-growing app market with ease, you should select the best pricing strategy and take the above-mentioned insights into your consideration.

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