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A Detailed Discussion on Pre-Launch
Preparation of Website Migration

After the decision of website migration and before the launching of the same, there is an intermediary step called the pre-launch preparation. In this stage, you revise through the various changes you have done. An explanation has been provided on this stage down below.

What does it mean by site migration?

A site migration, as the name suggests, is a switch from a previous site to a new one. It doesn't always mean that the entire website is newly made. Instead, some fundamental and substantial changes are made for betterment.


Pre-launching site migrations can be of various types if we take in all sorts of possible combinations, but the basic five are;

Content Changes:

Content Changes is the sum of several shifts like for instance if you have decided to attach an extra page for a product or service or you have decided to cut down the number of pages from your website, it is known as Content Changes. Also, hiding content or consolidating content or pages comes under this.

Site Location Changes:

Site Location Changes is the amalgamation of three main things - changing a domain or maybe rebranding, making a shift from HTTP to HTTPS (/http2), or remodifying the mobile version (AMP, PWA). Blending in sections of the website or moving off international pages are also considered to be part of this.

Design and UX Changes:

Here you’re working in with the appearance and friendliness of the site like dealing with the site performance, making UX – driven changes on many devices or media changes, etc. 

Platform Changes:

In this case, you decide on many aspects related to the platform. For instance, moving from an existing platform to another, or just upgrading the version of it or inserting a fresh and creative feature or just merely integrating the various platforms.

Structural Changes:

It houses four main types of changes based on the technicality of the website they're namely – reshaping the site hierarchy, altering the navigation work about, redoing the internal links and last but not the least improving the user journey. 

How does the process take place?

This pre-launching process is completed in 4 steps, and they are: 

Discussion and Planning:

The very first is extensive research on detecting the previous mistakes and analysing how to make it right. Thus these steps include the objectives, the expected ups and downs, etc. in short creating a strategy. 

Making the changes:

Next in line comes when you make all those necessary changes which you decided upon in the first stage. Hence here you subject your site to various structural, content, etc. changes. 

Testing the site:

It is the major and kind of the last step where you run your website looking out for any amendments like risk assessments, benchmarking and work on the wireframe, technical, content, redirecting reviews to make it more accurate.

Launch day Support:

Lastly, comes the day when you are launching the site, once the launch is made, you’re to keep an eye on the technical spots and console actions so that you’re assured that the site is working perfectly. 


Pre-launching is a tricky process, but following this guide will make your advantages more and disadvantages less.

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