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Is Sending a Prayer Request Online
the Right Way to Go?

Time and time again, online prayer platforms have received criticism from various individuals. The people reason why trust someone with your spiritual issues, yet you can present them to the Lord?

Others argue that such platforms are not as effective and genuine as they claim to be. Well, these are speculations which this article addresses below.

Before anything else, it would be best to put it out there that sending a prayer request online is not a waste of time.

As a matter of fact, as per statistics, 75% of Christians in many parts of the world are testifying that sending prayer requests online yields better results.

How Online Prayer Platforms Work

Simply put, these platforms help believers remain strong even amid calamity. They make sending a prayer request online easier by providing spaces where a person in need of intercession can input details such as:

  • Their name (optional)
  • Email address
  • The message subject
  • The prayer topic
  • Their message

Once the information is provided and submitted, the prayer appeal is assigned to an individual or individuals.

Note, confidentiality is highly practiced. Some sites even urge people whose prayers are answered to write a testimonial so they can encourage other new believers that God is not deaf. He comes through at His own time.

Types of Online Prayer Platforms

  1. eChurch Mobile Apps
    These apps allow churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike to send a prayer request online. Unlike many other platforms, they are specific to a single religion, that is, Christianity.

    Church administrations create such apps to stay connected to their users regardless of the day of the week and strive to update them regularly. The quick access that users enjoy strengthens their spiritual relationship with the churches.

  2. Websites
    Almost every religious entity has its professionally crafted websites. Websites are a convenient way to send a prayer request online and have gained recognition over time, especially from the churches' congregants.

    With the coming and fast spreading of the Coronavirus pandemic, these sites are arguably the number one source of hope now more than ever. Some sites have even begun COVID support plans and prayers to help those in need of food, shelter, and corona patients.

  3. Smart TV Prayer Apps
    Smart TV prayer apps are mainly used for the live streaming of religious activities. Viewers can watch church services on these apps on a smart TV.

    Church administrators carry out these live streams to meet the spiritual needs of their viewers and encourage togetherness even when social distancing is preached. They are also for both Christians and non-believers.

  4. Video Chat Apps
    Although such platforms are rarely used for prayer purposes, they are used to keep the figurative candle burning through entertaining users and share their concerns.

    Individuals organize video conference calls using platforms like zoom calls, Skype, and Google Meets to gather people for religious reasons.

  5. Mobile Prayer Apps
    Of all the online prayer platforms, this provides the easiest method to send a prayer request online since most people today have smartphones. They enable users to fetch any prayer in a few clicks and act as a library of prayers.

    You can be a part of any mobile prayer app through registration. Some mobile prayer apps even have offline features to allow users to access prayers with or without an internet connection.

The Bottom Line

All said and done, the question remains; is sending a prayer request online effective? And the answer is yes.

Countless people confirm that it is the right way to go, and with the continuous growth in the number of people opting to take the online prayer request route, it is safe to say the practice is not going anywhere time soon.

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