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The Power of a CI/CD Pipeline

In today's tech-driven world, mobile app development is rapidly evolving its needs. Efficient app development processes have never been more critical. Mobile continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platforms help developers meet this need. These platforms automate manual tasks involved in mobile app creation, enabling developers to deliver software updates with increased frequency and reliability. 

To meet the growing demand of mobile apps, developers are using CI/CD tools to expedite their production processes. 60% of developers attest that code moves into production faster than in previous years. CI/CD has become a fundamental tool in keeping up with the pace of the industry.

While 35% of developers claim to have fully embraced CI/CD pipeline within their organizations, the adoption rate should be higher given the significant benefits they offer. By leveraging CI/CD technology, mobile app developers can detect and resolve bugs well before their apps reach the production stage. This results in improved app ratings and heightened customer engagement.

The Power of a CI/CD Pipeline


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