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4 Reasons Personal Development Articles Are Ideal for SEO Link Building Campaigns

When launching a link building campaign, you’ll be using plenty of content marketing strategies to get your content (with your link) published on the right websites.

There are several approaches you can take with content marketing. You can write newsworthy articles, informational articles, or more in-depth explorations of a given topic. All of these methods are great for building quality backlinks, but there’s one exceptionally strong way to generate traffic from those links: writing personal growth articles.

If you really want to reach people and get them to click on your links, here are four reasons personal growth is the ideal approach to content marketing.

1. Personal development articles are addicting

It’s hard for some people to resist reading every personal development article they come across. If an article contains a link that appears to provide more value around personal growth, they’ll click.

Personal development content is highly addictive. Many people become addicted to attending personal growth seminars, and others endlessly consume content online. If you publish content on other websites with enticing links back to your site, you’ll generate a steady stream of relevant traffic to your site.

Just make sure your target webpage delivers on implied promises used to get people to click. Users don’t like being tricked. Make sure to provide all the value promised or implied.

2. Personal development is a billion-dollar industry

It all started with Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret back in 1956. Nightingale’s recording is said to be the recording that launched the entire personal growth industry. Back then, everything was recorded on vinyl records, and live seminars and internet blogs didn’t exist yet.

Over several decades, thanks to people like Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins, the industry grew to include live events and eventually, articles on the internet. Today, the industry is huge. According to Grand View Research, Inc., the personal development industry is expected to reach $56.66 billion by 2027.

Along with your content marketing for SEO purposes, you could capitalize on the personal growth industry by selling something of value on your website. If you’re not a personal growth guru, don’t worry, you can sign up for affiliate programs produced by the big guys and earn a commission.

3. Website visitors want genuine content

When people publish articles just to get links, readers can tell the content isn’t all that useful. With the massive amount of content on the web, it’s no surprise that people don’t spend much time reading. People want genuine content, but know it’s hard to find.

Plenty of studies have shown that website visitors scan copy – they don’t read word-for-word. In fact, several articles have been published and shared with misleading titles to demonstrate that most people don’t read before sharing links on social media. The harsh reality is that most people don’t even click an article’s link before sharing content.

By publishing personal growth and development content, you’re guaranteeing that a portion of website visitors will recognize your content as valuable and genuine. You won’t snag everyone’s attention, but you will get more attention than other websites.

4. It’s easy to come up with ideas for personal growth articles

Unless your industry is extremely mechanical or technical, you won’t have to work hard to come up with ideas for writing personal growth articles. You can relate almost any aspect of business to personal growth since personal growth is literally the foundation of success.

If you’re stuck for ideas, all you have to do is read a few lines in any of the following books and you’ll get some inspiration:

  • Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • As a Man Thinketh by James Allen
  • The Success Principles by Jack Canfield
  • The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
  • Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Write article with an angle that will last for a long time

You want your backlinks to stick around for a long time. That’s why you need to write articles with an angle that is both timeless and interesting. It’s important to write a variety of articles, but write stronger articles for the publishers that will carry more weight in terms of generating traffic and passing SEO power to your website.

Personal development will never go out of style; people will always be looking for ways to improve their lives. Writing personal growth articles will help you generate targeted traffic and backlinks that stick.

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