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Providing Your Personal Data Privacy
is Vital and Easy to Do

Personal Data Privacy

Securing your personal data privacy is both vital and easy to do. With the growth in ecommerce websites and digital transactions, you can virtually buy anything from the internet and apply for many services. But with all these online services, you have to gamble that the transactional processes on these websites are safe and secure. 

Your personal data is valuable. And like any other thing of value, it deserves to be safeguarded. But until recently, you simply had to cross your fingers and hope that your data was not being shared among third parties that could profit from your information. 

Credit card information, home addresses, bank account numbers and many other pieces of information could be used for profit if they fell into the wrong hands. And many of the companies and organizations that used digital applications and transactions to conduct their services tried to secure these systems as best they could. The consumer just had to trust that these companies were effective in securing the information that was shared from customers. 

But now, personal data privacy has come under the effective and secure control of the customer as well as the organization. 

Welcome Change of Approach

With the creation and subsequent adoption worldwide of custom QR codes, one company, called Beamdata, saw that they could effectively use these codes as a means of transferring personal data from a customer to an organization safely and securely. 

QR codes are encrypted. By using the encrypted feature of these codes, they devised a simple-to-use app that safely streamlined the transfer of this data and ensured personal data privacy for the customer or applicant. 

How It Works

Their app also makes use of a digital data locker in which an individual can store different types of personal data. For instance, they can store job history information for job applications and credit card numbers for online purchases in different folders of the locker. 

Not only does the digital transfer of this information ensure personal data privacy, but it is faster and easier for the individual as well. There is no more need to fill out countless job applications or university applications by hand. The individual can simply access the type of information required and cut and paste it into the document.

Then, with both the applicant and the organization subscribing to the Beamdata app, the company posts a QR code on their website. By scanning the QR code, the applicant can transfer the necessary information in seconds. The encryption feature of the QR code ensures that personal data privacy is maintained. 

As retail companies, airlines, government organizations issuing visas, businesses, and schools are learning about the app. They are rushing to include it as part of their online processes. Ensuring security also boosts the usability of their services and speed with which they can process the information. 

The service then becomes more trusted by the applicants and encourages more business for the organization. It is a win-win for both parties.

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