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What Should I Do if a PC Problem Occurs:
Simple Guide

Do not rush to throw away your computer if it starts to work slower or if there are problems with the Internet or USB connectors or others. To fix PC problems is quite possible and it will save you money from buying a new computer. We will show you how to do it in three easy steps.

Step 1: What PC Bug Do I Have? 

To determine the type of bug or at least the main symptoms of the "disease" of your computer, you will need attentiveness and access to the Internet. For example, your computer began to restart by itself. First, think back to what you were doing before the problem arose. Perhaps you downloaded dubious files or visited unsafe sites, which caused the breakdown. Then type the symptoms into Google and look at the options. However, such searches can take a long time. Thus, it is best to turn to the Howly live chat, where experts can quickly define the cause and solutions to the problem.

Step 2: How Can a PC Bug Be Removed?

With computer restart, virus checks, junk cache removal, or driver updates, most bugs can be removed. However, how do it correctly so as not to aggravate the breakdown? It is best to seek online advice from reliable experts who can provide step-by-step instructions for solving the problem. You can also provide remote access to your computer, and the Howly team will solve the problem for you. Is it safe? Yes, you can control the situation.

Step 3: Why Howly Experts Should Be Trusted?

The last step is choosing a reliable specialist. Howly has certified experts with experience of all possible bugs in their team. Their live chat is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world. You need to describe your problem, and specialists will immediately be able to determine the possible causes and solutions. Howly gives a 100% guarantee on its services. Among the most common problems Howly works with are:

  • Slow work
  • Frozen screen
  • Windows or Mac OS Update Issues
  • Strange Noises of a Hard Drive
  • USB ports
  • PC beeps
  • Internet or browser issues
  • Black or blue screens, etc.

With their experts, your computer is in good hands. 

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