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How To Pass Time As You Commute

If you're not the one driving on your way to the workplace, you may at times find it difficult to pass time when you're stuck on the bus or train. Instead of reviewing your emails or making work-related calls, why don't you relax by engaging in some fun-filled activity? It's wise to be prepared in advance, considering that more than a third of the trains usually get late. If you're there waiting for delayed transport or you're in the middle of the rush hour traffic, here are the best ways you can pass time if you're not driving.

1. Carry a book with you

When you're at the bus station waiting for a bus, an easy way to pass time is by reading a book you love most. If you've got some space in your bag, you can carry one of your favorite books as you go to board the bus or train. The best part of taking a book with you is that you are likely to get to the last part of an exciting book. Continuing to read your book is a wise way to pass time as you head to work or on your way home after work.

You can find shops in many train stations where you can be able to browse and find the currently trending books, and the recently released books. In case you can't afford to have some space in your bag, you can work with an audiobook on your phone.

2. Pass the time by playing games

Another cool way of killing time as you commute is playing some of your favorite games. Portable game consoles like Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch are perfect ones to fit in your bag. You can play exciting games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Maker 2 to pass time while on the bus or train. After all who doesn't love games? You may think they're only meant for kids but that's not the case. For a grown up game play the best online slot machines for real money.

If you feel like you don't want to carry an extra device, you can play plenty of great games on your phone. Android and IOS have thousands of free as well as paid apps that you can install and play on your mobile. You can also gamble on jackpot slot and online slot games, provided you're aged 18 and above. You can easily have access to many games on your mobile, and they'll all keep you entertained during your commuting time. If you're playing for money remember to set wise limits and gamble responsibly, not forgetting it can be addictive.

3. Listen to your favorite podcasts

When you're not in the mood to listen to music or play games on your phone, you can listen to interesting podcasts. Recently, podcasts have increased in popularity, with most people becoming avid listeners and can readily be found on apps like Castbox and Acast. If you have lots of podcast episodes you'd like to listen to, then the best time to do this is as you commute for work or on your way home.

From talk shows, comedy, film reviews, and crime, you've lots of podcast choices to pick from. All you have to do is download the episodes before you're out of the house and you're set.

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