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Four Important Pillars of the Operational Strategy of Data Science for Various Projects


The first and foremost step towards structuring a data science project and taking it from the theoretical stage to the practical stage is to understand the internal processes that are associated with knowledge of data science. When there are some missing links in the complete knowledge of data science, it is highly likely that the data science project may not reach its completion. In this case, the remedy is to bridge the gaps in data science knowledge with the help of data science courses and then start working on the project from scratch.

Data Science in various projects, processes, and products

Data Science as a discipline emerged as a necessity over time. As data became the oil of the 21st century, data science started to express itself as a discipline that would give insights into huge volumes of data. Data science is not only about extracting insights from large data sets but is also about giving meaning to various business intelligence processes. It is also a discipline that helps in creating new products and even generating ideas about novel projects. The relevance of data science in the present time is simply phenomenal. It is not only because of the numerous applications of data science and its rising use cases but also because of the lucidity with which data science is applied in different projects, processes, and products.

Operational strategy

The operational strategy of data science for handling numerous projects can be basically divided into four components.

The first component is called data insights. The second component is called data engineering, the third component is called data analysis and the fourth component is called data visualization. Let us understand these four components in much more detail.

Data insights

Data insight is the first process of any data science project and involves the mining of data and understanding it from different perspectives. Data insight gives the raw material that is necessary for executing other processes in a data science project.

With the help of data insights, it is possible to address the business problem and solve the problem statement that a business might have identified earlier. It is extremely important for achieving the overall business goals and establishing reliable and valuable solutions in the long run. This is the part of the data science operational strategy that is very time-consuming and requires a lot of effort at the very beginning.

Data Engineering

The second stage of the operational strategy of data science is called data engineering. From a technical perspective, data engineering can be understood as a process that helps in leveraging the power of technology to derive solutions for various types of data problems. With the help of advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to streamline different data processes at this level.

Data engineering brings multiple technologies together and helps in streamlining them. With the help of data engineering, it becomes possible to give a consolidated and unique platform to various stakeholders who can give their inputs and derive initial solutions to different data problems. The knowledge of advanced algorithms is utilized at this stage. Data analysis and data mining work along with advanced algorithms to derive an initial framework or a corresponding solution to the larger problem.

Data analysis

The third pillar of the operational strategy is called data analysis. This is the most vital component of the operational strategy because it involves processing like computation and statistics. Data analysis involves mathematical modeling and helps in breaking down the problem statement to derive effective solutions. It is at this stage that statistical methodologies are utilized and a model is created that makes predictions by utilizing the power of data. Needless to mention, repetitive iterations ensure that the derived solution is very much reliable and valid and solves the business problem in an effective manner.

Data visualization

The last pillar in the operational strategy is called data visualization. Data visualization actually expresses all the research work that has been carried out and the efficacy of the solution that has been derived. It is data visualization that helps in conveying the meaning of data solutions to various teams.

If data visualization is effective, it is highly likely that the business teams may adopt the research work and the operational models straight away. Data visualization conveys the meaning of both text and context and helps in putting research work and the entire effort into perspective. It is with the help of data visualization that complex findings are expressed in a simplified and lucid manner.


The operational strategy of data science broadly follows the above-mentioned stages. The applications of this data strategy for different businesses are simply phenomenal as it holds a treasure of solutions for numerous business problems.

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