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How to Open AAE files on Windows?

AAE format is a XML based format which contains all the edits or the adjustments that are made on a particular digital photograph (.jpg).That means how much editing someone does on a picture, the original copy of the picture is always preserved. All the modifications which happen on the photo are stored in a text format in an AAE file. Then the text file is stored in the same location as the corresponding JPEG file.

AAE specially works as an extension of iOS which is also known as the operating system of Apple.

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This way each image edited by Apple Photos will be accompanied by the aae file associated with the change. When someone wants to transfer photos from an iOS device to their computer/Windows then the AAE files are getting copied together with the .jpg files.

How to open AAE files on Windows?

On Apple devices, AAE files are not easily visible but they are automatically attached to photos when they are opened. So that many users discover their existence when they try to transfer edited images to Windows 10 or Android devices. Opening an AAE file is not such an easy task.

If you wanna open AAE files on Windows 10 or Android devices, then you have to follow these rules...

  • Step 1:- you have to right click on the existing AAE file.
  • Step 2:- then you have to select the "Open With" option from the drop down menu.
  • Step 3:- after that you have to choose text editors like notepad or Microsoft Word which are suggested in the open file. You can edit your file from there as per your choice.

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That is how to open AAE files on Windows 10. Although you can open an AAE file through the text editor in Windows 10 or Android. But still you can't change the listed JPEG file correspondingly.

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