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Online Escape Rooms: Virtual Entertainment

An escape room is a platform for a group of players who cooperatively work for discovering clues, completing tasks, and solving puzzles in one or more rooms. It is a gaming platform where players accomplish a particular task within the limited time.

Escape rooms are nowadays available on online platforms. The digital version of traditional escape rooms are known as Online Escape Rooms. They are often called Virtual Escape Rooms or Remote Escape Rooms.

In modern times, online or virtual escape rooms are gaining popularity over traditional escape rooms.

Online Escape Room and its Facilities:

As previously mentioned, online escape rooms are the neoteric version of traditional escape rooms. Traditional escape rooms have been generally established in a venue. It has a physical existence. But virtual or online escape rooms are not bound by physical locations and provide the opportunity to connect with the players all over the world.

Players can solve the tasks or search clues for solving puzzles cooperatively as a team. Virtual escape rooms offer live streaming facilities through any video conferencing app like Google Meet or Zoom. This platform usually allows 4-12 people at a time to play games as a team. The number of players can vary from event to event.

Online or virtual escape rooms can be a perfect alternative to traditional escape rooms. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it works as a great medium of entertainment. It acts as an ideal platform to get together and have a great time on special occasions like a wedding anniversary or birthday parties.

Difference between Traditional and Online Escape Room:

The traditional escape rooms have a physical existence. They arrange events such as solving puzzles, finding clues in a place like a space station, or prison cells. Each team gets a specific time limit to complete the tasks and solve the puzzles via finding clues and take charges from the participants.

On the other hand, online escape rooms organize their events online. They are not bound by physical locations and don’t need to the players to be present in the same place. These escape rooms even cost less when compared to the traditional escape rooms, and the charges may vary from one brand to another.

Online escape rooms enable team building events. Nowadays, many virtual escape room companies have started providing team-building events through these virtual platforms. These skills help the players in their future teamwork activities.

Why should you choose Virtual Escape Rooms?

Virtual Escape Rooms provide the best escape games online. These games are tricky and exciting. Online escape rooms offer some fantastic puzzle games, and players need to find clues from different virtual mysterious places.

An online escape room is an effective platform for entertainment. You can find exciting puzzle games and communicate with the players around the globe for lesser charges as well as more facilities than traditional escape rooms.

This kind of online platform gives people the chance to come together and enjoy thrilling escape games via live streaming apps. Virtual escape rooms connect people around the globe and help to build a great communication amongst the teammates.

Most of the traditional or offline escape rooms are closed due to the Corona Virus pandemic. In this situation, virtual escape rooms are the perfect alternative for escape games. It can be a preferred medium for organizing events or playing games with friends. Moreover, kids can experience puzzle games with math problems and video themes in these experiences. 

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