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Helping Small Businesses Manage Their Scheduling System with Online Desk Booking Software

Hospitals, schools, private companies, government agencies, and even small businesses and institutions encounter uncertainty with their working schedule. Everything needs to be well-organized during a virus outbreak in today's situation. Public and private organizations uplift the hybrid working structure to employees, appraising like the new normal.

The management of small businesses nowadays practices this new approach in continuing their operations amidst this health threat. CDC set safety protocols implemented for the entire industry that would avert the outspread of the virus. Employees are protected with the 2-meter social distance rule, wearing masks, putting them in work from home, and ensuring proper sanitization in the building. 

Online desk booking softwarecan help small business management and streamline the supervision of mandatory safety protocols. Consequently, this is done by fixing every team member's schedule and guaranteeing proper utilization of working space. Small businesses also have small working stations, which opens the possibility of spreading more viruses due to the area's isolation. Thus, the management should secure everyone's safety by strictly executing health regulations. Moreover, with the help of this software, optimizing the small business system becomes more accessible than ever before.

Here's how small businesses can utilize and benefit from online booking software.


Features of Online Booking Software that are Covid Compliant to Small Businesses

#1. Dynamic Scheduling 

This feature is a friendly reminder that notifies every team member through a mobile phone update. Dynamic scheduling is a covid compliant feature. It automatically disables the nearby desks, rooms, and other workstation facilities that do not follow the 2-meter social distancing protocol. Whether the desk is already reserved, the software's system can instantly reject the booking for everyone's safety. 

#2. Capacity Limits 

This feature allows small businesses to set the capacity limit in one area. This desk hoteling software ensures that employees and the administration are well-protected. Managers can restrict employees to enter a specific working station. Everyone can also determine fully booked facilities through a touchscreen display. Moreover, employees can check the schedule of every desk and room before booking.

#3. Automatic Desk Sanitation 

Improper cleaning and sanitation can trigger the Covid virus. Consequently, the CDC requires every industry to practice proper sanitation in their workplaces. This automatic desk sanitation feature means that every team member in a small business, whether a coffee shop or a firm, can place their bookings after the crew cleans the facility. 

For convenience, users can also identify that the room, desk, and equipment are now available. Usually, they receive a message through their mobile phones. Performing sanitation in the workplace means providing everyone in the workforce with a safe place.

#4. Contactless Displays 

This contactless display feature holds an integral part in today's health crisis. To minimize the need to talk with co-workers, this online desk booking softwareoffers touchscreen displays that you can find in small businesses and their office/lobby areas/offices.

With limited rooms, employees can confirm availability through contactless displays before entering the meeting room or working space. This feature compromises the 2-meter social distancing of the CDC. 

#5. Thermal Scanner and Mask Detection 

These features help workspaces achieve a safe environment for team members, even during a hybrid setup. Thermal scanner for employees and visitors secure that they have no symptoms of Covid 19 before entering the premises. For mask detection, the system can automatically implement it as part of its features. This feature prevents the outspread of the virus to the building. 

#6. Bluetooth Beacons 

This feature makes contact tracing easier and faster. The workplace premises record every individual's data while ensuring confidentiality. This beacon can use a Bluetooth connection in a nearby station where this room scheduling softwarerecords the check-in and out of every team member. Moreover, the management can review this data whenever someone gets infected in the building. Hence, small business premises will work because it often has a small working station. 

#7. Analytics Reports 

This feature determines the most utilized working facility. Small businesses have most of the facilities that employees need to use. For the rooms, desks and other working spaces that are always vacant, small companies have the option to number one. This feature helps small businesses to utilize facilities and, at the same time, offers proper allocation of resources. It is an excellent practice to start in a small industry. The management can provide a safe working place for their employees. 

#8. Visitor Management 

This software offers only convenience for new visitors, such as new applicants, delivery men, and even employees turning to the institution from work. This feature provides the management with the capability to record the actions of every visitor inside the premises. This includes surveillance cameras, no-mask detection, and biometric scanner features. 

Bottom Line 

The software gives convenience to various offices relevant to coping with the pandemic. This seat reservation systemallows every working space to be organized and back in normal, even if it's still a virus outbreak. Scheduling software supports small businesses by managing their resources and optimizing their system to a cost-effective. There will be no more confusion for every employee, and also it stops the hesitation from working.

Moreover, the software brings new ways to handle a contactless working station because of a pandemic. Practice all those safety protocols with the guide of this booking software. 

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