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5 Online Businesses You Can Start
Amidst COVID Pandemic

Online Business

The COVID-19 pandemic should not stop you from starting up a new business. Even during the new health protocol the Government implemented, you should not hesitate to start your business. There are business ventures that you can establish during the pandemic.

The most advisable business today are online businesses that you can manage at the comfort of your home using your laptop or PC. You can establish an online business as your primary source of income or a sideline that will help you earn money.

Below are five suggestions of online businesses you can launch amid COVID-19.

Online Tutoring Business

New generations are spending most of their time online. They become more inclined toward technology, so why not take advantage of this by offering online tutorial business. This tutoring service is also timely due to the social distancing order of the Government.

All classes are temporarily conducted online due to the pandemic, which includes tutorial services. This teaching mode will also ensure both you and your student's safety, as you will conduct your lessons online.

Some students need a follow-up on some subjects, and mostly their parents are too busy to tutor their children. So if teaching is your passion or you are just good at explaining things, launching an online tutorial service would be the best business for you.

Launch an Online Store

E-commerce became popular over the years as technology evolved and gave way to online selling platforms. Even social media has turned into a business platform as many users buy and sell through this means.

You can sell anything online from clothing, accessories, and even gadgets. You can also sell your creations and establish your brand. If you are artsy, you can sell your handmade products online under your brand name.

Most handmade products that are saleable are handmade jewelry, customized t-shirts, handcrafted candles, etc. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you think that will sell, you sell it.

Handmade crafts also have a low start-up cost. You can get significant discounts if you buy your materials in bulk. You can also use recyclable materials depending on what product you want to use. You can save more and help the environment at the same time.

SEO Service

Online Business

SEO services have become part of every business's marketing strategy. You can help your clients improve their sales by increasing the quantity and quality of traffic on their website. Increasing the website's traffic will also increase the website's visibility to web search engine users.

The more people see your website or web page, the more likely leads and traffic will increase, resulting in the improvement of your sales. If you have the skills in Google Ads and Google Analytics, offering SEO Services online would be your best option.

AdInfusion is the best example of a successful SEO service company. It all started as an experiment that resulted in a jaw-dropping result. They selected the best keywords to make your business appear in the number one spot on the first page of the browser, just like they did in their own company.

Graphic Design Service

Another way to compensate your talent is by offering graphic design services online. If you love designing, then this would be the best business for you. You will enjoy it while you are working, which will help you become more productive. Turning our hobby into a business is always the best.

You can also do this as a part-time job as it will only require a few hours to create a design. However, if it provides you better pay, you can always focus on your own design company rather than working for another company as a freelancer.

Online Dropshipping Store

Another budget-friendly online business is dropshipping. You can set your price and sell products to customers without having to pay for an inventory. You will only have to pay for a product if it is already sold to an actual customer.

You can start your dropshipping business by sourcing pre-existing items from suppliers. These suppliers can take care of the product packaging and ship it directly to your customer's doorstep. This business has a low risk as you do not have to spend money on capital, so when you check out different ecommerce businesses for sale, this might come top of your list.

You will act as the middleman between the customer and the supplier, and this is where you gain profit. Dropshipping will spare you from the hassle of purchasing and shipping products to your customers. It also eliminates the risk of loss by purchasing large orders from a supplier but does not have a market.

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You have to be creative to acquire financial freedom. If your day job does not compensate you enough, you can add another profitable activity to your plate. If you are one of the employees who lost their job when the COVID pandemic started, you can take advantage of these online business options to support your daily needs.

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