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Newark iPhone Repair Shop That
Doesn't Overcharge Its Customers

Newark iPhone Repair is best serviced by The Repair Square. Conveniently located 5 minutes away from Newark Ferry St.

You can get peace of mind knowing your electronic apple device will be in good hands.

The screen repair for your broken iphone screen normally gets done within 30 minutes while you wait. You can browse cell phone cases, screen protectors or purchase a new device if you wish.The Repair Square Store Address is: 307 Frank E Rodgers Blvd S, Harrison, NJ 07029

For the best Newark IPhone Repair, come to The Repair Square. Be sure to follow us on social media for the latest offers and news.

Your satisfaction is always our number 1 priority.

All broken screen repairs come included with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Stop by our store today to see for yourself why the community choose us as the #1 Newark iPhone Repair Shop.

Apple iPhone Devices normally suffer from common repair problems such as cracked glass, dead batteries or unreliable charging port adapters. These problems are very easily solved by an experienced cell phone technician working with the right equipment and repair parts. It is always recommended to let a professional handle the device repair for you.

Unless of course, you have prepared beforehand and bought everything you need for the repair.

Even then, it isn't always enough as a defective part can have you waiting on future shipment as opposed to getting it done from a pro. Visit Joe Today at The Repair Square in Harrison, New Jersey only 5 minutes away from Newark Penn Station.

Check out Social Media Pages for the repair square to view before and after price or to send a quick message. You can also call the number directly 973-500-4504


A little bit more about us: The Repair Square is your local iPhone Repair, Laptop Repair, iPad Repair, Cell Phone Repair, Tablet Repair electronics repair shop located in Harrison. We’re the most trusted and respected full service Phone Repair, Laptop Repair, iPad Repair, Cell Phone Repair, Tablet Repair servicing areas such as Kearny, Newark, East Newark, North Arlington NJ, and many more.

Our experienced iPhone, iPad repair and computer repair technicians will help you in dealing with your technology needs. We’re friendly, honest, professional and we always have your best interests.

When your Laptop, PC or Mac needs repairing, you won’t have to worry for long! You’ll feel like you’re right at home in our warm, and cozy waiting area. We offer flat rate pricing on all of our repairs, and low cost estimates. Simply stop by at your convenience and we’ll take a look at your computer or iPhone.

We are dedicated to providing the best customer service and repair experience available to you. We are across the street from the Harrison Plaza Shopping Center. Stop in anytime and we’ll be happy to get your repair process started!

iPhone Screen Repair

Our team at The Repair Square have seen it all, and know how frustrating a broken iPhone screen can be. If you live near Harrison, NJ area or a surrounding region and need your iPhone fixed, stop by or give us a call today! We offer fast and efficient repair service on iPhone glass repair. At The Repair Square, we can put a brand new screen on any of your iPhone model in around 30 minutes.

We warranty the parts and labor for 1 year against manufacturer defects. iPhones allow us to communicate with our friends and family, listen to music, capture important moments, and much more so don’t let that broken iPhone screen frustrate you.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Although you cannot remove the battery like on older phones, iPhones do have replaceable batteries. iPhone batteries over time will drain faster, and need servicing. Water damage, overuse, and time can all be factors in destroying an iPhones battery life. If you are experiencing battery issues on your iPhone, the battery might need to be replaced. The Repair Square replaces batteries at a low cost, and we also provide a free warranty with all of our parts.

iPhone Camera Repair

Replacing the camera on your iPhone is an easy process. We know how important it is capturing important life moments, using social media to connect to family, and friends. In the event that the camera on your iPhone is damaged or not working, we will do everything in our power to get you back to taking all the photos and selfies that you desire.

iPhone Speaker Repair

Every iPhone user can relate to having at some point iPhone speaker problems. Whether it’s the top speaker that allows to listen to calls, or the bottom speaker. While it could just be a little dirt making it hard to hear, we’ll be sure to figure it out, whether we just need to clean it, or put in a new speaker replacement. At The Repair Square, we will diagnose your iPhone, and make sure to get that speaker working again.

Repairs we perform

● Cracked screens

● Back glass

● Display issues

● Audio issues

● Power/charging/battery issues

● Button replacement

● Camera replacement

● Wi-Fi troubleshooting

● Software issues

● & more

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