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What Are the New Trends in App Development?

This decade could be remembered as a decade of mobile application, it may sound like an exaggerated statement, but it's not false. With easier access to the internet and smartphones, the latest advanced technologies have reached out to a larger number of populations on earth. In 2021, new trends of developing an android and i-phone application have been introduced. However, conventionalists believe that these trends are a bit controversial. For instance, Andromo - no-code app platform enables you to create an application for Android as well as iOS devices in the easiest way possible. It promotes a non-traditional way of creating an application; some think it's great, others still believe in writing heavy codes for app development. Let's move further and have a closer look at these trends.

AI app creation & machine learning

It is expected that the industry of AI or artificial intelligence may rise to forty billion USD by the end of this year. There was a time when the term 'AI' was used in MITs and other scientific institutes, but now it has become quite popular. This technology has spread widely as people have started accessing devices like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, etc. Thus, developers who can create an AI-based application are in higher demand now. According to a study, AI is very helpful in improving areas like finance, marketing, customer service, and IT. 

E-commerce App development

It is not something new, but it surely is evergreen. The shift of normal consumers towards e-commerce is drastic, especially after the pandemic outbreak. Among the people who shop online, the number of people who shop from mobile applications is way more than the number of people who shop on the website. Due to ease of order and engaging interface, people often find it more convenient to shop from apps as compared to shop from a site. According to a survey, more than 60% of people order goods from e-commerce applications at least one time a week. This means that there are a lot of scopes for applications to send notifications related to discounts and fresh arrivals. That's why the trend of developing an e-commerce app has a bright future. Check out the Latest Mobile News in Pakistan for instance.

Wearable applications

The apps that could run on devices worn by you like an accessory or clothes by being interconnected with your smartphone are known as wearable apps. These apps are updated using internet access of the user's smartphone and were first implemented in the year 2009. It is expected that this trend may reach up to more than 900 million USD by the end of this year. Some common functions that are assigned to these devices may include-

  • Collection of user's health data, including the number of walked steps, heart rate, blood pressure, workout time and amount of calories burnt, etc.
  • Providing access to VR games, creating and demonstrating media content
  • Being interactive while styling the user by creating accessories and smart dresses to result in appropriate fitting 

Mostly these wearable devices were and are being developed for healthcare, industrial, and fitness categories.

Why do you need to develop a mobile application?

As mentioned above, the number of people who have internet access through their smartphones has drastically increased over the last couple of years. When you have your app, you get the opportunity of exploring your potential consumers. Along with that, your app may also build brand loyalty and increase the visibility of your company at the same time. We are living in an era where a mobile-centric society is growing with every passing minute. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that mobile applications could help you in deriving new consumers and growing your business. Now, you might be wondering whether you are ready to bear the cost of hiring a team of skilled app developers to get an app or not? Well, you can simply access Andromo - no code app platform and create your application easily.

The industry of mobile app development is flourishing with every passing day. It is no secret that from Chabot to mobile wallets, every kind of app is around us, and they have made our life easier than before.

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