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New Trends for Instagram

Gamification: How to Create Custom Content

Gamification has gone through all areas of digital. Its main feature is maximum interaction with the audience.

Gamification has gone through all areas of digital

Interaction becomes more native and ready to consume when it is based on play. Because a game is a process where the user is voluntarily involved.

More than 90% of users pay attention to non-standard content. It can be a cool visual series, interesting game mechanics or a stylish competition format - all this attracts the attention of our audience.

To create trending methods in our country, be sure to analyze the work of the market and colleagues in America and Europe. What they are doing will be relevant here for three months. So sign up for awesome branded accounts and get generous inspiration from there.

Users actively interact with any brand if the brand enables interaction through the game.

Swipe: active link for engagement and advertising

Within the framework of gamification in Instagram often uses mechanics with a swipe (moving from the stories platform to the website). The built-in swipe up is available on Instagram accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers, or if there is a verification checkmark in the profile. Also, swipe is available to everyone when using ads.

On many pages you can see how cool swipe mechanics work. To activate swipe up - you need to move your finger up the screen. In Stories, you can use this movement with arrows, animated objects that will hint that we need to swipe up to go to the site.

Interactive masks: how to work with them

Any cool extras that give the audience a sense of greater love, attention and personalization are well engaging the audience. Many brands and professionals already know that it is important for a client to receive not only the quality of a service or product. The trend is emotions that you must evoke in a person using the correct and non-standard formats of interaction.

By the way, such content can be done manually without involving a designer, using additional applications, your own ideas and built-in story mechanics.

Screen rotation is another variation of game mechanics

If, as part of your story strategy, you have several game mechanics with screen flipping, then this is only a plus. We are all accustomed to vertical use from a smartphone, and if we see that we are asked to turn the screen over, it sounds like an incentive to action.

Thanks to the horizontal format, you can show more information about your brand and keep the user's attention specifically on your post. This format will work great for increasing loyalty and recognition, and in the future, for converting regular customers.

Thanks to the horizontal format, you can show more information about your brand and keep the user's attention specifically on your post.

Brand personification: how to stand out from the competition

Due to the incredible number of competitors in any niche, the client has to choose. We choose not only the product, but also take into account the cost, availability of delivery, the format for presenting information, additional "goodies" and even the design of the profile. In addition, most customers pay attention to how quickly their request is processed, how brand representatives communicate with them.

As part of the trend of the current year, communication is going on along with personification. More and more brands are trying not just to answer the user, but to refer to him by name, after examining his profile, to indicate in the correspondence an important detail and to become as attached to his lifestyle as possible.

For example, a woman Tiana writes to you, who posts many posts about motherhood and her daughter Alice. She wants to buy a children's product from you - a toy. In the correspondence, the client can answer like this: “Hello, Tiana! The cost of the toy is such and such, your Alice will definitely like it. " After such words, the user will have a desire to continue to communicate with you. He understands that you have studied his profile, which means that you have virtually met him. This factor brings together emotionally, accelerates the decision-making time for the user.

We first of all lay out personification on the dialogue between the manager and the client. The way we communicate with our audience from a brand or product page, how we respond to comments, requests, responses to reactions in stories - these are all subject to reaction from your side, personification and communication.

Personification also includes targeting capabilities. There is a good adage that "good targeting gets confused with signs of fate." Smart use of personification in targeting increases the number of conversions.

For example, let's say you're targeting a page in March. This means you can target the category of people who have a birthday in March. If you are working with a page of a cafe or restaurant, then select the category of March birthday people and send them a personalized message: “Your birthday is in March and you don’t know where to celebrate? We give 20% discount to all those who have birthday in March ”. For a birthday man in March, this can be partly magic and a chance to solve the issue of celebrating a birthday. And for a brand - a great solution for better conversion.

Based on the type of product or offer you are advertising, the target can be set to friends of birthday people of a certain month, to people who have returned from abroad in the near future, to couples who have recently switched to a new status, for example, got married, gave birth to children. All this can be used to make your ad more targeted, interesting and targeted (read: so that users really confuse it with signs of fate).

Personification in working with bloggers: how to properly move away from traditional advertising publications

We are moving away from the traditional advertising message within the framework of posting with a blogger, when a blogger, simply smiling, says that he bought this product and he's good. Fashion is a natural promotion, especially when it comes to gifts from the brand in exchange for free placements.

Personalized work with a blogger adds a volume of work. It is necessary to study the blogger's profile, note its features, interests. But the spent resources are qualitatively converted into emotional stories of a blogger who will definitely share this with his audience.

Personification works in a similar way in communication with an influencer. I do not recommend writing the same copy-paste message to all influencers. Better to spend a little more time studying the influencer's profile, his insights, rubrics, values. This list will help you to competently organize your work and the first communication.

Be sure to contact the person by name, introduce yourself, use the insight from your profile, and only then make an offer based on what you have planned: a gift, barter or paid cooperation.

Personification will help you get the blogger to you and establish interesting and high-quality work.

Therefore, use personification in all aspects of working on social networks: from the dialogue of the page manager, targeting, to communication with influencers, on cross-posting and in interactive mechanics.

UGC: how to motivate users

UGC (user-generated content) is content that users generate for us and about us. This is the highest value this year, because in the context of huge competition, it is important for a brand not only to sell a product / service, but to make sure that the client shares information about the product or service in his stories.

All this works in conjunction with high-quality and interesting content, personification, and the format of communication on the page. The main task of a specialist is to make it interesting for the user to share information that he is using your product.

91% of users trust the reviews of their friends in the feed. So with UGC, you expand your customer base and increase your sales. Getting UGC is completely free and gives users a sense of intimacy with the brand.

Why create masks for your audience

Instagram masks are unique and effective AR mechanics for engaging stories. You can actually make a simple mask yourself using the SPARK AR application or other additional resource.

Virtual masks work well for attracting new subscribers and spreading brand awareness. An interesting mask quickly spreads organically and is always actively used by users.

We do everything - naturally

In 2021, brands began to move away from pre-licked content. The audience set the trend for naturalness, which means that it is important for the pages and content on them to be more alive, not to be afraid to communicate with customers in live broadcasts, to show the “kitchen” of the brand in stories: how your product is produced, how the team is working on launching a project.

All this inspires the user and gives reason to believe your brand, and then love it. Thus, you can get instagram followers organically and legit.

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