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MyRecover for File Recovery | Review

Description: Discover a leading file recovery software like MyRecover and read our review to see if it is good and how well it performs in recovering permanently deleted files.

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Data loss can be a significant setback, whether you’re a business professional, a student, or someone who relies heavily on technology for personal use. Fortunately, file recovery software solutions like MyRecover are able to help you recover lost or deleted files,providing recovery opportunities when valuable data seems to be gone forever. 

In this detailed review, we delve into MyRecover's key features and test using it to recover deleted files and determine whether it delivers on its promise of effective file recovery and whether it's safe.

MyRecover: Powerful Software for File Recovery

MyRecover is a robust Windows file recovery softwarethat promises to help users recover their lost or deleted data with ease. It applies to a variety of data loss situations from simple deletions to complex data recovery scenarios like system crashes or virus attacks. Also, it supports multiple file types and storage devices.


Key Features of MyRecover:

Simple to use: MyRecover's intuitive design enables users to recover data with just a few clicks.

All-inclusive recovery: MyRecover supports recovery of more than 200 file types, including documents, pictures, videos, emails, audio files, and more.

Two advanced scan: The software provides quick scan and deep scan options to ensure users can quickly and thoroughly scan the storage device.

Smart Filtering: MyRecover's filtering feature helps you find deleted and lost files quickly.It provides filtering options based on file size, type, modification time, and other criteria.

Support Wide range of storage devices: ReFS, FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT file systems are supported; this makes it possible to recover data from SD cards, USB flash drives, hard drives, and other digital storage devices.

Preview feature: MyRecover allows users to preview files before recovering them, helping to ensure the integrity of recovered files.

High recovery rate: MyRecover's data recovery success rate is exceptionally high.

Test Conditions, Procedures, and Results of MyRecover

To assess MyRecover's efficacy, we created typical data loss scenarios, such as deleting files.

Test conditions: We created a set of files including Microsoft Office documents, PDF, JPG, PNG images, MP4 video, and MP3 audio files and then permanently deleted these files from the hard drive by pressing the "Shift+Del" keys. Next, download and install MyRecover to perform Windows recovery.

Test procedures:

Following the deletion of the files, we launch MyRecover and hover the mouse over the affected hard drive. Click Scan.

MyRecover performs both Quick and Deep Scans efficiently. The filter and preview feature proved reliable, particularly for common file types such as MP4 videos, DOCX documents, and JPG images.

We try to recover deleted MP4 video, upon locating the desired MP4 video, we preview it and click Recover x files to initiate the recovery process. Next, we are prompted to select a new location for the file's storage

Within a few minutes, the recovery process is over and the MP4 videos are successfully restored to the new folder. And the video was completely recovered without any omissions, just as it was before deletion. 

Test results: The tests confirmed MyRecover's capability to effectively recover deleted files without omission. In addition to its prowess with local data recovery, MyRecover can also recover data when PC wont boot by creating a bootable media. If your PC experiences an issue such as hardware failure, you'll be able to use the recovery drive to reinstall Windows.

Is MyRecover Safe?

Yes, MyRecover is generally considered safe to use for data recovery. We also analyzed the security and trustworthiness of MyRecover and achieved good results. The software minimizes the risk of accidental overwriting during recovery. 

MyRecover maintains your privacy by not collecting or storing personal information from your files during the recovery process. Furthermore, neither spyware nor viruses are present. Positive user reviews and expert opinions also add extra credibility. 


According to our tests, MyRecover is a powerful and reliable file recovery tool. Its ease of use combined with advanced features and high recovery rates make it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to recover deleted files. Whether you are recovering from a simple deletion or a more severe data loss situation, MyRecover can help.

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