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Got Multiple PDF Documents?
Merge Them Here For Free!

Have you ever been working with multiple PDF files? Was there a time you needed to combine them, but you are having a rough time? Worry no more because GogoPDF is here to make your work easier.

There are many instances where you need to compile documents all together in one folder or one file. In the past, everything was done manually. Luckily, you found this article, and you’re about to read the most useful tool for merging or combining PDF documents.

Using GogoPDF for combining PDF files

GogoPDF is here to help you merge PDF free. It is also user-friendly if you are not a techy person, this tool is the best for you. You have to upload the files needed, and then the tool will start to merge your documents fast.

Creating a report or presentation that will please your boss is one of the hardest things as an employee. The deadline and expectations of everyone will pressure you. You need to team up with your co-worker, and you need to combine your report with them.

It is also a browser-based tool. It means you don’t need to download anything to use GogoPDF. Just use your favorite browser and access GogoPDF’s website to use it. As far as compatibility, it supports almost everything.

If your device operating system uses MAC, Windows, or Linux, it will run without any issues. The same can be said with browsers. The tool will run if your favorite browser is Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, or Internet explorer.

The fantastic thing is, it also supports multiple languages. If your mother tongue is not English, then you may select other languages available on their website. If you are attaching the merged file to your email, you may surpass the size limit for attachments. It is where another feature of GogoPDF can help you.

After merging the PDF documents, a compression tool option would reduce the combined PDF files’ size. It is very convenient, and it would be like an all in one tool all in one process. Other than merging PDF, there are more features GogoPDF has.

Organizing your PDF documents

You can also split or delete some PDF pages on your document when using the GogoPDF web-tool. It is handy when there’s an unnecessary page on your file. Or if there’s a correction on your report and your boss wants it removed as soon as possible.

Another feature of GogoPDF when you are in a hurry is to view and edit PDFs. After merging, deleting some pages, you may still edit your file within the website. It is so easy to organize your file or documents when you are using GogoPDF.

When you are finished editing your document, you need to put your signature in there. Fortunately, there is an option to sign the PDF file using GogoPDF. Go to the e-sign PDF button and enter your electronic signature in your document.

You may also add a watermark to prevent others from copying your work. A watermark is essential when you are broadcasting your file in public. It is also a symbol that you make the file or report you presented.

It’s free so, what is the catch?

It doesn’t have a hidden catch. If you are a free user, there are limits on capacity, task, storage, etc., that you can use per day. To unlock unlimited use per day, you may upgrade to the pro option. 

The privacy and security terms of GogoPDF is phenomenal. As posted on their website, they delete the documents or files you uploaded after an hour. It gives us peace of mind. To determine if a web page is secure, you should also check for a couple of things.

First is, you should look for HTTPS, as it means the website is encrypted or the connection is secure. Second, check the privacy policy. Then look for their contact information. Next is to check for the signs of website malware. 

An example of website malware is pop-ups, you may try to click on a link on the website, but it directs you to another webpage that is not related to the site you are browsing. GogoPDF is clean from all of these, and you may verify it through their website.


A single web-tool such as GogoPDF can help us make our everyday lives more comfortable. If you find this article and start to use GogoPDF in your daily life, you may support and appreciate the developers by upgrading your account to pro.

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