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The 6 Most Popular Types of Instagram Influencers

Among the main social networks, Instagram has stood out and established itself as a leader, complementary to Facebook . From big accounts with over a million fans to micro accounts with a few thousand subscribers, these influencers are as essential to this platform as they are to them.

With its particularly high engagement rates (around five times more than on Facebook), this network quickly became a place of choice for digital influencers and, in fact, a fertile ground for Influence Marketing.

For your marketing strategy, these celebrities, ambassadors and opinion leaders are real levers for advertisers.

Influencers (sometimes also YouTubers or bloggers) were keen to develop their communities of followers within their specific niches, whether they were travel lovers or makeup enthusiasts.

They have been able to take advantage of Instagram (but also Twitter and all "social media") by offering creative content, which has been transposed through effective Instagram influence campaigns.

From product placement to collaborations, these KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are, above all, a gain in visibility on social networks for brands.

The Icon

Pop Stars, Actor, Athletes
First type of influencer: celebrity. A true icon, she is not followed for a particular field of specialization but for her personality. Known beyond its activity on social media , the icon fascinates and pushes many to subscribe to its social networks. Asmongold’s Girlfriend, Ariana Grande or Kim Kardashian accumulate millions of subscribers and each of their post explodes the likes counter.

These posts are, moreover, simple moments in their lives: from private parties to the backstage of their last shoot, icons are building gigantic communities by posting simple photos of their daily life. What may seem trivial at first glance is actually much less. Beyond building the loyalty of a community of fans, their influence on Instagram allows them to promote their work or effectively disseminate an Influence Marketing operation.

The adventurer

Travelers, nature photographers, extreme athletes
Instagram pays great attention to aesthetics. Often praised for its inspiring accounts, this medium is the privileged digital place of travel photographer. Instagrammers are often looking for more than just vacation photos, but real captures of the moment, with a sense of adventure. From the Northern Lights of the Far North to the dizzying Grand Canyon, the more amazing the shots, the more the influencer community will grow (his engagement with). Some are so successful that they have published a book or made a film.


Do It Yourself, expert bloggers and "life hackers"
With the new Instagram features, it becomes easier to break out of the scope of simple captioned photography. Stories, boomerangs, videos, galleries… Thanks to these tools, a new type of influencer has invaded the platform. Expert influencers have grown, ready to share their secrets with you on Instagram. From DIY tutorials to life hacking tips (tips for improving everyday tasks), they have often made a name for themselves on Youtube and are taking advantage of new Instagram formats to expand their visibility. There is no doubt that their educational approach will continue to evolve at the same rate as Instagram.

The Guru

Beauty, Lifestyle, Fitness & Fashion influencers
These are the most traditional influencers, shall we say. Sharing tutorials with their community, they might be categorized as instructors, if they didn't have a different way of communicating. The gurus are indeed not very pedagogical, they will show some tutorials without limiting themselves only to this facet. A beauty influencer will therefore give her opinion on brands or make unboxing videos. The influencers lifestyle and fashion are known for their contents #goals or focused on their urban daily life. Their contents are generally very varied.

The creatives

Short film directors, pranksters
Far from selfies and photos of hikes, it is about worked artistic content. For humor influencers, this is an opportunity to broadcast hidden cameras or short humorous scenes. Painters and illustrators will also stand out by showing their works. This allows, in particular those wishing to extend their work beyond the digital sphere, to create a solid community and a recognizable universe. And why not, to be noticed by a professional. For the best known, they can take advantage of this showcase to promote exhibitions.

The Entertainers

Unclassifiable actors, influencers
Known for their personality, most of them made themselves known on Youtube. They are often comedic personalities like Idubbbz girlfriend who will comment on pop culture in a humorous way. These influencers are seen as friends by their followers. Note that they regularly use Instagram as a more direct means of communication than Youtube, where they will share lives, videos and photos to forge a bond with their fans.

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