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What Are the Most In-Demand Tech Jobs?

For the last 50 years or so no industry has maintained the same pace daily evolving and constantly improving the technology sector. Bringing innovation, information, and solutions to our daily lives. In an ever-changing environment, there are so many opportunities within this area of expertise covering a vast array of fields including medical practices, transport, cybersecurity, education and almost all are financial needs. Here we will look at just some of the many technology-based jobs available which are relevant in today's society. For further information on an applied business information systems degree, please click the link and continue to read.

Data Scientist

Data is core to most businesses and is an ever increasingly competitive market. Companies around the world employ data scientists or data analysts keeping track of their habits and tailor their products or services accordingly to target what they believe are requirements or needs to be, from online banking, social media, and targeting advertising to what is believed we will most be interested in. No tech company or financial institution is without data scientists, from small companies to large multinational corporations, data is key to their success.

Cybersecurity Engineers 

One of the largest concerns companies face today is cybersecurity and for good reason, over 30% of companies have stated that they experienced intrusive issues with their business operations, this is a major issue to us all. Preventing intrusive access to our financial records, medical files are all too commonplace and all companies must strive to prevent that confidential information not be accessed by rival companies or individuals for their purposes.

As we have become all too aware in recent times cybersecurity is not just a private business it is an issue for major governments too. From voter manipulation to electoral issues it is essential to have a qualified team of cybersecurity experts to ensure the outcome of any of the voting process is not undermined. Governments also hold vast amounts of information on the populace which should not be accessed by private businesses, foreign states, or individuals alike.

AI Engineer

AI and machine learning are rapidly becoming essential to many businesses globally. This interesting field is also one of the best-paid jobs on the market to consider when looking for a job in technology. With many companies looking to automate their working environment the demand is extremely high currently and will only increase in the future.

AI engineers use large amounts of data helping to train models in economic forecasting, image recognition software, and language processing. Companies will expect at least a master’s degree in data science, computer science, or AI and preferably some previous experience in analytics.

Software, Mobile, and Web Developers

Designing, installing, maintaining software and testing are all integral skills a developer will need to be familiar with, mobile apps, coding, building applications including the designing of the app and being able to work with programming languages such as, HTML, c++, java and an SQL server. Being able to work with these programs is essential. The role will require you to undertake various tasks inline with the client’s vision, including mobile and software applications making sure they meet all the needs of the user, maintaining existing software already employed, and recommend improvements when you feel it is necessary.

Cloud Engineer 

Recently businesses have been using cloud systems because of the efficient time and cost a system implemented correctly can bring to your prospective employer, because of this role cloud engineers today are in high demand.

Cloud software engineers, cloud architects, cloud network engineers, and cloud security engineers are just some of the titles you can be referred to. With companies' ever-expanding drive to become more integrated and embrace modern technology, we have today. Including understanding current technology and maintaining their cloud system already in place it has become a very highly demanded sector and a great skill to have.

Blockchain Engineer

One of the most in-demand jobs today, the market is expected within the next 2 years to reach a worldwide industry of around the value of $15 billion, making this sector one of the fastest-growing in technology-based jobs.

A blockchain engineer should have a good understanding of bitcoin, ethereum, r3, and ripple. Knowledge of crypto libraries and their functions and security protocol stacks. 

With the rapid technological advances that we see daily, a tech career is in such high demand across the entire globe. Allowing you to travel and work online or relocate to another country whilst making some serious money at the same time helping to advance technology for future generations. It's a huge industry with many potentials and is only getting bigger.

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