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Mike Giannulis Shares Tips for Responding
to Ongoing Business Trends Due to
the COVID-19 Outbreak

Ongoing Business Trends

The global pandemic outbreak has changed the way businesses and the economy used to function. Till sometimes back, travel was on hold, offices were closed, and significant pay cuts. Several small business firms had to suspend or reduce their operations, as it was taking a toll on the bottom line. However, responding to a crisis always doesn’t indicate anything negative. At times, it helps organizations to stay better equipped to manage any business crisis better.

Mike Giannulis shares business trends and tips for adjusting to that

Today, with more data emerging, small businesses respond to various business trends that have emerged because of the pandemic outbreak. Mike Giannulis shares the following trends and also ways in which companies can cope up with the trends.

1. The pandemic has plummeted store visits by 90% monthly

Most people currently follow social distancing norms because they aren't making any retail store visits. That has made many stores to open partially depending on the demand. It has also restricted their in-store capacity and has limited the footfall to a great extent.

When it comes to Google Ads, several advertisers keep track of conversions because of store visits for knowing the offline effect of online advertising. The local advertisers can also optimize PPC campaigns with the metrics. It will help them to come across challenges, as the pandemic reduces pointless foot traffic.

The business solution

The obvious solution for this is to take your small business online. The Google search traffic didn't reduce excessively because of the pandemic outbreak. Hence, small businesses can take their business offerings online and build a digital presence. Here are five steps that you can execute:

  • Design a user-friendly website
  • Promote your business online
  • List your company at Google My Business
  • Engage with your customers on social media
  • Use Google Merchant Center to get all products online

2. The pandemic dominates new searches

As the pandemic is on the rise, we are getting to know more data in real-time. Google search gets entirely dominated by pandemic news. It seems that COVID-19 and pandemic are the buzzwords for Google.

The business solution

Businesses must manage PPC campaigns for new search terms. You need to review your search terms and report daily. It is also essential to find new keywords and target them before it starts to trend. You can also follow the COVID-19 searches that are trending.

3. The mobile search tragic cuts by 25%

Currently, people are thinking twice before traveling to safe from virus transmission. People are less mobile than before. And this passive customer trend makes people less frequent on the Google search and the paid search campaigns. It means there is a decline in mobile search traffic as well.

The business solution

It would be best if you manage your PPC campaigns for reduced mobile traffic. Here you can revisit the device bid adjustments and also opt-in for smart bidding to improve the situation gradually.

The pandemic is here to stay for a while, and brands must respond intelligently to survive. Responding to the trends mentioned above will help businesses to thrive in this crisis correctly.

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