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5 Reasons Why You Need Training in Power BI

In the Information Age, there has been a quantum leap in the amount of new data generated every second. Managing information is critical for the success of any business. This is where Business Intelligence (BI) tools come into the picture. BI tools can be used to derive tangible business insights within a short span of time.

Microsoft Power BI is one of the best business intelligence tools currently being used by millions across the globe. It is a robust enterprise solution that offers real-time analytics and modeling tools. It lets you pool your data from a wide variety of sources and creates visually immersive and interactive insights.

Power BI is available as a Windows desktop app, online SaaS, and mobile app (Windows, iOS, and Android). This enables its users to conveniently create and share business insights. If you are seeking a future as a Business Analyst or BI Developer, then you must enroll in a Microsoft Power BI course to grab that coveted job.

Power BI

Why Should You Learn Microsoft Power BI?

In the 21st century, Business Intelligence is not an alien concept anymore. You don’t need to be a designer to think beyond line diagrams, bar graphs, and pie charts. With a powerful BI tool, you can easily create visuals that can transform your business.

Power BI is a sophisticated data visualization service that supports all Microsoft data types, Salesforce CRM, Google Analytics, and many other offline and cloud-based services. You can literally pull all data centrally to its dashboard to create extensive reports and visualizations. Gone are the days when you needed IT support or Database Administrators to make this happen.

Mentioned here are the top 5 reasons why you must learn to use Power BI:

  1. Easy to use – You can access real-time information with the power of Natural Language Processing. Power BI cloud service lets you type your query in English instead of an SQL query and gives you insights accordingly. Accessing real-time information can also help you spot trends early on and make critical business decisions timely.
  2. Quick insights – Also available on the Power BI cloud service, you can run algorithms on your datasets to auto search hidden insights within seconds.
  3. Deliver out-of-the-box – You can create custom visualizations and infographics as per your imagination literally. Leveraging from its vast community of users, Power BI lets you create a custom visual and upload it to the Power BI service so that others can also use it.
  4. Connect on-premises and on-cloud services – With Power BI available on the cloud, mobile, and desktop, you can securely connect to both on-premises and on-cloud services as per the requirements of your business.
  5. Create your dashboards in under 10 minutes – With rapid prototyping, you can build dashboards really quick and share it with your team. While data modeling may still take time and effort and creating complex visuals may require you to call IT for assistance, Power BI still lets you create a proof of concepts in a relatively short span.

We can only provide an overview of the best features of Power BI, yet we cannot stress enough on the role of accurate data visualization in companies. Read on to find out how you can improve your knowledge of Power BI.

Tips to Improve your Knowledge of Power BI

Enrolling in a Microsoft Power BI Training is the easiest way to enter the world of BI, master the cutting edge tool, and deliver strong performance at work. An e-learning course can help you learn how to transform data into insightfully rich visuals in real time.

Power BI requires dealing with Data Integration, Data Processing, and Data Presentation. You can improve your knowledge of Power BI by studying each one of these three facets in greater detail.

What Will You Learn in a Power BI Course?

A Power BI course covers fundamentals of business intelligence including basics of Power BI, how to deal with data, its source, and transformation. You will also learn to create real-time Power BI dashboard, data modeling, creating custom visualizations, Data Analysis Expression functionality, publishing and sharing data, and working with Excel.

This certification will allow you to climb up the ladder of success in your business with business intelligence capabilities like no other.

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